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Meet the Meme Team

Hi there and welcome to Meme Machine - a blog dedicated to all things social video.

Our dedicated staff hope to bring you all the latest industry news, social video campaigns and interviews with some of the stars of the social video world. Oh, and we hope to put a smile on your face while we do it.

Here are the writers:


David Waterhouse - Viral Video Chart Editor

David Waterhouse has been a journalist for 11 years, covering everything from the Cannes Film Festival to Premiership football.

He is also the publisher of award-winning entertainment blog

The exiled northerner came to London nine years ago and has stayed ever since after getting lost on the Tube.

He has since become a social media addict, but is still numb at what has happened at Digg.

Favourite meme: Leeroy Jenkins.

Please email David with any of your interesting social video campaigns. His email is


Eddie Tomalin - Writer

Eddie is a self-confessed social media addict and all round creative character. 

Eddie has a design background, but also a history of running social media sites for clients and content-managed blogs.

You can follow Eddie on Twitter: @eddietomalin

He would love to hear from anyone with hilarious video suggestions, or would just like to get in touch for a chat

Favourite Memes: Bed Intruder Song and Nope! Chuck Testa


Steve Davies - Columnist

Steve is a veteran (i.e. getting on a bit) management consultant and business advisor with an insatiable appetite for change (what a great pseudonym for A.D.D).  He has conceived and launched several global brands and been behind some of the most well-respected technology propositions.  

Despite starting out as a creative/athletic type at school, Steve has spent most of his career dealing with financial numbers as a Partner and SVP with the likes of KPMG, PwC and PA Consulting, specialising in business transformation, marketing and strategy. 

In recent years he launched the award-winning digital automotive mag, Drivers Republic and the world’s first automotive social network of the same name.  He currently runs the largest curated platform of automotive videos, SkiddPlayer along with the successors to his Drivers Republic titles, now called SkiddMark and SkiddNet.  In his spare time, Steve is an angel investor, supporting innovative start-ups and generally being a pain in the rear-end to incumbent players who like to keep the status quo (not the 70’s rock band)

Favourite video advert: “The Circuit” by Shell/Ferrari 

You can follow Steve on Twitter or on LinkedIn  

Stuart Smith - columnist

Stuart is Head of Brand Strategy at Wieden + Kennedy, in New York. Stuart's career started off as a government statistician, then he switched to become a different kind of government statistician.  

He didn't get invited to many parties.  Even his own.  So, like most statisticians, he made the transition into the creative industry.  

After a statistically significant number of years in agencies, he moved to Google Creative Lab, in New York. It was there where he started Media Muesli (@mediamuesli on Twitter)... an excuse to waste hours looking at shiny creative/tech stuff online, and get out of having to do any real work.  

He left Google before getting caught, and now specializes in strategery for Wieden + Kennedy.


Amy Vernon - Social Media Guru And Bacon Queen

A 20-year battle-scarred veteran of newspaper journalism, Amy is known as the Bacon Queen and has the distinction - such as it is - of being the top female submitter of all time to

In her spare time, she plays Mario Brothers with her boys and watches Auto-Tune the News.

Favorite meme: Science Cat
Favorite viral vid: Bed Intruder Song


Kris Wood - TV writer

Kris is one of those annoying young media types you always hear about on the news with their red jeans and ironic spectacles. Except his spectacles are purely functional and they don't make red jeans in his size.

Having worked with pictures for most of his professional career, he now works for Channel 5.

In his spare time, Kris is a freelance photographer/retoucher and a writer for the award-winning entertainment blog, Hecklerspray.

Follow him on Twitter @KrisWould, or don't, whatever man, he's playing it cool.

Favourite meme: Courage Wolf

Favourite video: Human Slingshot Slip n Slide


Jennifer Whitehead - Writer

Jennifer Whitehead is a journalist who remembers journalism without Google and has been writing about the internet since well before ‘blog’ became an official Scrabble word.

She likes pub quizzes and starting new hobbies and is interested in almost everything except cricket and rugby, which is a shame for her as she is Australian.

Favourite video: Ninja cat.