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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer To Be Launched Next Week

Rockstar shook the video game world today by announcing the existence of Grand Theft Auto 5.

A holding page was launched on their website, including a date for the first trailer next week.

That date is Wednesday, November 2 - and we are literally counting down the days here at Meme Machine Towers.

Grand Theft Auto arguably popularised the open world template and is one of the most celebrated game franchises of all time.

However, next to nothing is known about the fifth installment.


Robots Bring Personality To Funny New Portal 2 Ad

When robots are not serving our every whim or trying to plot our destruction, it seems they like nothing better than making us laugh in humorous ads for upcoming video games.

Or at least they do for Portal 2. Now, here at Meme Machine, it is time to come clean. We have never played the critically acclaimed 2007 video game Portal - possibly due to the fact that it described as a 'platforming and physics-based puzzle game'.

But after watching the latest trailer for Portal 2, we are tempted to swallow our doubts and buy it when it is finally released by developers Valve on April 18 for the PlayStation 3, PC, Mac and Xbox 360.

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Games Developer Proposes To His Girlfriend Through Videogame Minecraft, She Accepts

Now here is a video that is sure to have you vomiting into your replica Darth Vader mask.

It's one games developer proposing to his girlfriend in the only way he knows how to communicate with the outside world - through his computer.

It makes you wonder how what their sex life is like. Actually, we take that back. We have no interest whatsoever.

Actually, as much as we hate to admit it though, it is kind of sweet. Although the one thing that does baffle us is how they managed to play Minecraft without it lagging.

D'oh, now who is the geek!!


Not So Stealthy Live-Action Commercial For Call of Duty #BlackOps

The new Call of Duty: Black Ops commercial is shooting blanks.

Created by TBWA Los Angeles and named Call of Duty: There's A Soldier In All Of Us, the ad features celebs Kobe Bryant and Jimmy Kimmel.

It's a really nice concept and well shot, with each 'player' actually dressed as they would be in the real world (a concierge picks up the front-of-house phone while shooting away etc).

But, while putting in NBA star Kobe Bryant and comedian Jimmy Kimmel may hit the 'celebs play games too!' button, there are very few hardcore gamers who would struggle to care.

They're much more interested in seeing the in-game footage and hearing from respected figures and thought leaders of the gaming world about how good it really is.

For example, I know that quite a few people were annoyed with the commercial for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, which only featured rendered CGI, because they couldn't tell if they were going to like the game or not.

The publisher deciding to run with a commercial like this is more likely to raise more doubts than excitement for the game.

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ViralSpy: US Midterms And FlashMob Craziness At Heathrow

ViralSpy is a weekly delve into the videos that have been causing a stir on the Viral Video Chart. 

The US Midterms have dominated the chart this week, with several entries in the chart, proving that politics in the States can be anything but boring, if a little nuts at times.

T-Mobile also launched its new campaign to a chorus of approval. Following the tremendous success of one their previous campaigns, where train commuters were left baffled by people dancing at Liverpool Street, the mobile telephone provider went even further, as baffled travellers in Heathrow Airport were treated to an all singing and dancing performance.

Also doing the rounds this week are a newly-married Katy Perry not showing due care and attention in her new music video Firework, plus the new Call of Duty videogame. Enjoy.

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