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New 'Almost Mothers' Day' Ad Features Machine That Can Tell If You Are Pregnant Or Not

It's Mothers' Day in the UK this Sunday! But before you quickly rush off to the shop to buy your mum some flowers and a card - you really should check out this new ad from the Flower Council.

It's an experiential campaign which features a machine that gives flowers to mums-to-be. That's right, to celebrate 'Almost Mothers' Day', the Flower Council has placed a machine in various high streets, parks and shopping malls that can tell if you are pregnant or not.

If you are, it hands over a lovely bouquet of pink or blue flowers, depending on whether you are expecting a baby girl or boy respectively. (Before you ask, you choose that which colour you want. The machine is apparently not that advanced). 

Now, I am not sure about you, but that is pretty impressive. There is a definitely a couple of times on the Tube that I would have loved to have got my hands on such technology, however, I suspect (and I could be wrong), that judging by the size of the machine that the 'advanced technology' is actually just a person sitting inside guessing.

But how accurate is it? Well, many people who aren't pregnant certainly try and get a free bunch of flowers, and all return empty-handed (apart from one old guy), it looks like the machine is pretty good.

Now we just have to hope there is a machine which give free flowers to sons and daughters who totally forgot it was Mothers' Day this weekend!

Disclosure: Unruly is distributing this video on behalf of The Flower Council. This post is not part of the commercial plan and is written by the editorial team at Unruly, whose opinions are always independent, sometimes scurrilous, and never knowingly under-researched.