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Book Ad Offers Advice On Surviving The Robot Apocalypse

Forget zombie invasion or vampire attack. There's another, very real threat you need to worry about. With the help of this ad you can be properly prepared for the 'Robopocalypse'.

You may be losing sleep over the thought of a zombie horde eating your brain. You may be having panic attacks about vampires drinking your blood. Now you really need to worry, because your vacuum cleaner is plotting against you.

Daniel H. Wilson is the author of Robopocalypse, a novel which focuses on the aftermath of a violent uprising of intelligent machines. The novel, which is set to be turned into a film directed by Steven Spielberg, has gathered a cult following. 

Wilson appears in the ad explaining his vision of a bloody future and even offers advice on how to survive an assault by robot destroyers. Naturally, this violent prophecy is best presented with cute animations.

Epipheo Studios, illustrated Wilson's sage advice using manic humans battling unforgiving mechanical overloards to suggest, "don't punch a robot". How To Survive A Robot Uprising also recommends that you learn how to spot a robot's weak points and remember, don't get crushed by falling giant robots once you've blown their legs off.

With over 18,000 views in just 24 hours, the human race should be well informed. Shared more than 300 times, the ad could be the best chance mankind has.

We strongly advise you watch this ad, so you'll know what to do when your toaster attacks.


Child Explains How Robots Run Mobile Phones In Sony Ad

Jake Ryan is 8 years old. He's got no training in electronic engineering, but that's not stopped him explaining what makes smartphones work. It's robots, apparently.

Jake's theory is that the latest Sony Xperia smartphone is run by tiny robots, and just to show you what he means there is even a 60-second stop-motion animation. 

Directed by The Royal Tenenbaums director Wes Anderson, the ad shows an army of miniscule automatons bustling around whilst Jake explains what they're up to.

His enthusiasm is infectious, as Jake tells us about "tiny robot vehicles" and how, with the aid of jet packs and some "dananana" noises, the Xperia can play movies and songs. The ad closes on a magnificently sweet note when Jake assures us that the little robots enjoy their work.

The clip's fun innocence overrides the focus on technology that is usually the focus of smartphone adverts. Instead of just listing new features, the Xperia is presented as an inspiring device that really is "made of imagination".

Given the endearing nature of the ad, by McCann Worldgroup, it's not difficult to see why it has had spectacular start. Gathering over 82,000 views in its first 2 days alone, the ad has been popular on the blogosphere and among Facebook andf Twitter users alike.


Guy Invents Robot To Play With His Dog While He Is At Work 

There is nothing worse for a dog owner than leaving your poor pooch alone in the house when you have to go to work.

First you get the emotional blackmail, courtesy of the sad, puppy eyes, then you get that sinking feeling in your stomach as you start to imagine all the terrible things they could do your house and furniture while you are away. So what better way to combat this problem than to create a robot that will play with your bored dog while you are not at home?

Obviously, unless you are rich and can pay someone to build your robot for you, or you are a robot designer yourself, it is pretty difficult. So it is just as well for Jordan Correa that he is the latter. 

Only problem is he has to spend a lot of time in the office, so to help his disinterested dog Darwin cope, he created 'Darwin-Bot', which allows him to remotely interact and play with his pet over the internet.

It can not only fetch - thanks to an XBox controller, a ball launcher, recovery arm and a variety of cameras - but also dispense doggy treats.

But the real question is: Could robots replace dogs as man's best friend?

Via ViralViralVideos.


Dodge Charger 2011 Is The Leader Of The Human Resistance

Robots can take our food, our clothes, and our homes - but they will never take our cars.

Dodge is a well-established American car brand - and they have been noticed more than once in the advertisement world with humorous ads such as “Man’s Last Stand” and “Freedom  Commercial”.

And now they are back with another hardcore American ad that defies robot supremacy and human apathy.

In a world in which man has become the ultimate couch potato, Dodge Challenger stands as humanity's last hope. At least if you are to believe Dodge.

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