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Swimmer Ryan Lochte Shows You How To Stay In Shape Around The Office (Sort Of) In New Nissan Ad

It's tough staying in shape when you are stuck in the office all day. All those endless meetings and long days spent writing reports, no wonder so many people are overweight.

Well, thanks to Nissan and 11-time Olympic medallist Ryan Lochte, that is all about to change.

The swimmer has come up with the 'Ryan Lochte Office Burn'. OK, so it may sound like something a disgruntled ex-employee might do to their former workplace, but it's actually a tongue-in-cheek video shot at Nissan's North America HQ featuring Lochte and Men's Health personality David Jack demonstrating exercise routines office workers can do around the workplace.

Exercises include using coffee cups as dumbbells and running from one room to another.

The idea behind the video, created by LA agency TBWA/Chiat/Day, is to show the car brand as a fun, innovative company that cares about its employees' needs.

And it does the trick. The pair are very engaging and some of the exercises are hilarious.  


Car Is Built To Thrill In Nissan Ad

Most small cars are sold as either cheeky little runabouts or compact, exciting thrill machines for the adrenaline-addicted motorist.  This particular ad for the new Nissan Juke falls solidly into the latter category.

The video opens with a seatbelt clicking shut and the view from the open door of a plane.  Whoever this character is, he loves his thrills. Our daring driver leaps from the plane already strapped into his seat. A team of skydivers appear out of the sky in a race to build the whole car around him before it's too late.

Happily the chassis and suspension is completed in time for the ultra-exciting Nissan Juke to land on an oversized halfpipe to the wild adulation of an adoring crowd. Bodywork and the interior are fitted by a team of motorcycle daredevils before a death-defying leap into the sea, where divers fit the windscreen.

The ad's premise - that the Nissan Juke is built for an exciting drive - couldn't be put any better.  The ad is proving popular, with 5,000 views in its first 24 hours.

So if you fancy a quick dice with death, watch the video below.


Nissan Saves Stricken Plane In New Ad Campaign For Frontier

A jumbo jet with problems with its landing gear attempts an incredibly risky crash landing.

The grave, dulcet tones of a local TV anchor tries to describe what is happening, as an entire airport holds its breath. Someone has even started filming it on his phone.

But just when all seems lost, a small truck drives on to the runway. People inside the terminal abandon their airport monitors and watch the action unfold from the window, as a brave/foolish driver attempts the impossible.

They pull up under the nose of the doomed jet and remarkably help bring the plane and the hundreds of terrified passengers down safely. Cue wild celebrations.

OK, so it may sounds like a scene from Die Hard, but it is in fact a remarkable new ad for the Nissan Frontier - a hardy mid-size truck that can tackle any obstacle, even if it defies logic and reason (you don't need Mythbusters for this).

Why remarkable? Well, first off, you have to take your hats off to TBWA\Chiat\Day for even attempting such an ambitious ad.

The video is executed well: somehow managing to look almost like a genuine piece of footage caught on someone's phone and uploaded to YouTube, while at the same time clearly revealing itself to be an ad. 

But what makes it even more remarkable is the number of people who actually think it is real.

Take a look for yourselves and also a second ad in which the Frontier saves a stricken buggy (below).


Landing gear


Hill Climb


Latest Nissan iAd Is An Advertising First With The Help Of Gyro Tech


Mobile advertising just got a whole lot more immersive, thanks to the first ever ad featuring gyro technology. 

Behold, iAds Mobile, which uses iPhone gyro technology to produce a highly interactive 360 degree user experience.

It's as if you're there in the Versa car itself, where hats swap (it will make sense if you watch the video) and phone messages play on command, all from the comfort of you living room. 

This technology has been seen before, but never in the advertising field. Watch this space, this is going to be the start of a new age advertising revolution

Check out the next generation in ad technology in action below. 


TBWA And Wieden+Kennedy Ads Nominated For Emmy Awards, But Record-Breaking Commercial The Force Misses Out

Volkswagen's record-breaking Super Bowl ad 'The Force' was a surprise omission from this year's Emmy nominations for Outstanding Commercial of 2011.  

The video, created by agency Deutsch and starring a very cute mini Darth Vader, overtook Evian's 2009 spot, 'Roller Babies', to become the most shared commercial of all time back in February.

To date, it has racked up 4.5 million shares across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere, but that was not enough to convince the judges to include it among the six spots.

However, agencies Wieden+Kennedy and TBWA\Chiat\Day were celebrating after earning multiple nominations.

Wieden+Kennedy's brilliant 'Old Spice Questions' campaign and their Super Bowl ad for Chrysler, called 'Born Of Fire' and starring Eminem, were both nominated.

TBWA's Polar Bear ad for Nissan and their McDonald's Baby commercial also made the cut. Other ads nominated were American Express's 'Conan' and Subaru's 'Baby Driver'. 

You can view all the ads below:

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