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Crazy Japanese Ad Of The Day: Men In Bird Helmets

We have seen some crazy Japanese ads in our time - but this really is at the top of the pecking order.

Over the last few years we have seen creepy milk ads, annoyingly addictive songs about puddings and spots where people sprout bananas out of their ears.

But this is something special. It features a young woman being menaced by a couple of stalkers pretending to be birds.

Their cunning disguise? Some motorcycle helmets painted to look like birds' heads.

But what is it advertising? Well, your guess is as good as mine. I have heard that it is for some kind of house price comparison site, while others suggest it is for a natural, bird-based fertilizer for the tiny plant on her night stand. Apparently, the tagline is "The natural kiss for nature bliss".

Personally, I hope it is for the bird motorcycle helmets. Because if they are selling, I am buying.

Via: Copyranter


Japanese Banana Ad The Most Astonishing Thing You Will See Today

If you just thought bananas were only good for eating, think again.

This 15-second crazy ad from, yes, you guessed it, Japan, shows just how many uses you can get out of the fruit.

These include using them as pretend facial hair to woo the ladies in the office or even a prop to help you impress your colleagues.

Well, at least, I think that is what the ad is about anyway.

Via AdFreak.