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Stride Gum Puts The Future In Your Mouth With 'Chewable' App

Who uses joysticks to play games anymore? They look silly, squeak incessantly and get jammed just when you're about to beat the boss level.

Apparently Stride Gum agrees, so they've taken the only logical step: producing an iOS game controlled entirely by chewing

'Gumulon' uses your handheld device's front-facing camera to track your facial movements. Thus when you masticate, adorable sprite Ace jumps. As game mechanics go, it's not exactly 'The Last of Us' but kudos to Stride for trying something new (and releasing it as a free app).

We haven't had a chance to sink our teeth into 'Gumulon' yet, but this campaign from Weiden + Kennedy and Johnny Two Shoes makes it look like a lip-smacking good time. 

Unfortunately, this hasn't quite transferred to viral popularity with only 220 shares since it's release on the 20th of June. 

Check out the spot, download the app and see for yourself. Just be careful what you eat: you don't want to walk poor Ace off a cliff or something.


Here's The Weirdest Fake Ad You'll See Today...Mega Bonus!

As 2012's viral oddity Boss Noodles showed, Dutch agency Khanna + Reidinga don't need a real product to get attention. Now they're back to promote their fictional company's follow-up product, Energy Noodles. 

Spoiler alert: the result is even weirder. Featuring enough oily muscles for three 'Old Spice' ads, the spot shows the effects of the mysteriously-intravenous snack on the "Energy Noodles Cycling Athletic Team". Under the breathless Chinese voiceover, the sporadic English subtitles assure us that this is "Totally Legal". Hmm.

The ad undoubtedly has one attention-grabbing 'focal point', but it's full of wickedly off-kilter humour. The YouTube description promises "Your (sic) male testosterone will faster than rocket" and the characters seem to speak in Kung-Fu sound effects.

Meanwhile, the spot ends with a list of countries in which Energy Noodles are legal. Our personal favourites include North Korea, Wyoming and the French Alps.

Do you want to be "faster than lance strong"? Then do yourself a favour and watch Energy Noodles. We're betting you won't have a weirder 30 seconds all day.


LG's Football Promotion Might Get You An ASBO

Is this funny or cruel? Is it an ad for football or electronics? In this latest spot from LG Nederlands, everything gets a bit weird.

A man, encouraged by his giggling sidekick, kicks a ball at strangers in a park and knocks them out with his killer aim. One man with particularly quick reflexes dodges the ball, only to be pelted in the back of the head as he runs away.

What this is actually advertising is a new feature on LG phones that means you will never have to miss a hit again, as their Push Goal Alert will send you notifications every time your team scores during the Premier League.

Through also promoting the hilarity involved in punting footballs at unsuspecting passersby, and getting it's more mischievous viewers into some trouble in their local parks, the ad is proving popular, having gained 13,865 views in one week.

Disclosure: Unruly is distributing this video on behalf of LG. This post is not part of the commercial plan and is written by the editorial team at Unruly, whose opinions are- always independent, sometimes scurrilous, and never knowingly under-researched.


Pine-Sol Pranked Video Punks Product Testers

We've all seen those videos of children being scared by spooky computer screens or parents jumping out at them. How can this concept be made all the more hilarious? How about with grown men jumping and screaming as they're punked by the Pine-Sol lady.

The power of Pine-Sol is evident in the reactions of these men, who thought they were taking part in a simple product test. Turns out might they have a little more to clean up after Diane Amos AKA Pine-Sol lady jumps out at them as they clean from behind windows and advertising posters.

Perhaps not the most original idea, you might think. But nevertheless, this simple notion is still proving popular, hitting 800,000 views and over 85,000 shares from amused viewers since its launch one week ago.

This perhaps 'man-bashing' video has claimed success despite a frenzy of recent complaints aimed at advertisers for being sexist towards men, including Nike's 'Run To You' campaign, where a man can't make the cross country run that the woman completes, and Huggies' implication that men are incapable of changing nappies.

'Sexist' as they may be, this latest campaign from Pine-Sol is undeniably hilarious, and is teamed with spin-off videos with the lady herself, Diane Amos, talking about being a role model and the influence of her mother, the 'Chocolate Fury'.

This video is one not to be missed. Check it out below. 


Ever Wanted To Watch 200 Viral Videos In One? Well, Now You Can 

Trying to keep a track on all the latest videos and memes can be difficult.

Obviously, the Viral Video Chart is a good start. But thanks to this fantastic video mash-up, you can recap on a whopping 200 viral videos in just 3 minutes and 27 seconds. Nice!

The video was uploaded to YouTube by Zapatou a couple of days ago and uses an up-beat remix of a track by Kaskade.

Virals are videos that are shared at a rapid rate on the internet. So, a video containing 200 snippets of the most popular viral videos has got to be a big hit.

I think we will just have to wait and see with this one. In the mean time, enjoy this truly mega-mix of videos below. 


Meanwhile In Russia...


Here we have a band, taking time to practise, on a motorway, while riding a motorbike. As you Russia. 

We all knew that Russia can be a place for strange and incredible feats, but this video takes the biscuit.

YouTube user tigfinger posted this amazing video of an entire band playing in a motorcycle and sidecar speeding down the Russian highway, happily playing along as if nothing was amiss.

Maybe they were on their way to an important gig, and needed some extra practice. 

Either way, it's a hilariously odd video, which has seen some 50,000 viewers since yesterday. Check out the most efficient way to travel and practise below.