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Car Is Built To Thrill In Nissan Ad

Most small cars are sold as either cheeky little runabouts or compact, exciting thrill machines for the adrenaline-addicted motorist.  This particular ad for the new Nissan Juke falls solidly into the latter category.

The video opens with a seatbelt clicking shut and the view from the open door of a plane.  Whoever this character is, he loves his thrills. Our daring driver leaps from the plane already strapped into his seat. A team of skydivers appear out of the sky in a race to build the whole car around him before it's too late.

Happily the chassis and suspension is completed in time for the ultra-exciting Nissan Juke to land on an oversized halfpipe to the wild adulation of an adoring crowd. Bodywork and the interior are fitted by a team of motorcycle daredevils before a death-defying leap into the sea, where divers fit the windscreen.

The ad's premise - that the Nissan Juke is built for an exciting drive - couldn't be put any better.  The ad is proving popular, with 5,000 views in its first 24 hours.

So if you fancy a quick dice with death, watch the video below.


GoPro Video Of The Day: Pogo Goes PoGoPro 

Look at what happens when you strap a camera to a pogo stick and invite some of the best pogo'ers in the world to perform. 

Fred Grzybowski, Nick Mcclintock and Tone Staubs, plus some other crazy folk,  took to the streets with GoPro cameras attached to their pogo sticks.

What unfolded was some truly epic skills, with all of the footage captured using the GoPro HD Hero

GoPro videos are becoming somewhat of an online video phenomena, with more and more people strapping the mini HD camera to themselves and performing all kinds of extreme feats. 

Well, I say keep up the good work. However, this one is particularly unique.




Trike Racing In Break Neck Fast & Furious Style

These guys take a child's three-wheeled toy to extreme high speed levels in this action-packed downhill adventure.

From the team that brought us the Human Slingshot last month, we now have their latest offering, which combines a trike, a mountain and three fearless riders.

The trio take their custom trikes down Powder Mountain, in Utah, reaching speeds of over 55mph.

Need I point out, that none of the them have braking facilities and merely use their feet as brakes. The expression 'a sandwich short of a picnic' springs to mind with this one.

Check out the most extreme trikers in action below.


Extremely Slippery Action With The Super Human Slingshot

If you ever thought you were too big for a slip and slide, think again.

Here is a new video which takes a conventional child's toy to all new splashing heights with the help of a four-wheeled friend. 

Not one for the garden pond, mind you.