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New Ad For Movie Asks: What Would You Do If You Saw A Murder In Progress?

What would you do if you witnessed a murder in progress? Would you run away or would you help the victim out?

It's a moral dilemma that the vast majority of us will hopefully never have to face.

Although you would like to think that your instinct would be to help, it's just not that black and white. No one really knows how they react in such an extreme situation.

Which makes it the perfect scenario for a new experiential campaign. Yep, if you thought Nivea turning German air passengers into criminals was mean, you had better look away right now.

'Elevator Murder Experiment' - a new ad for upcoming movie Dead Man Down - makes Nivea's StressTest looks like a relaxing stroll in the park.

It features the reactions of members of the public when they open the doors of a New York elevator only to find one man trying to choke the life out of another.

Of course, it's not real; it's just two actors staging a life-or-death tussle to see how people respond. All the action is captured on hidden cameras inside and outside the elevator. 

A lot of them scream and flee, one grabs a fire extinguisher and one man even tries to film the whole thing on his phone. 

Created by Thinkmodo - the same evil geniuses behind another mean prank, Beauty Shop Scare - it's a stunt that is sure to have the internet talking.

Since its launch on March 4, it has attracted almost 500,000 views. We expect it will attract a lot more in the coming days.


Red Stripe Makes Some Noise In New Experiential Ad


We all love our local corner shop. An easily accessible little store with a friendly owner, where we can get the morning paper on the way to work, grab any forgotten items from the weekly shop, and pass by to pick up a bottle for the evening. This isn't any old corner shop though. This one makes music.

Sat on a corner, in Dalston, East London, this little Food & Wine shop looks like any other from the outside. But, as many unsuspecting passers-by found out, pick up a Red Stripe and something a little bit magical might happen.

With the removal of a bottle of the Jamaican-style lager, the customer is in for a surprise. A red light and sci-fi sound effect are triggered, which sets off quite a performance. The shop bursts into life and soon enough, consumer products are all, quite appropriately, pumping out the tune of A Message To You Rudy by Dandy Livingstone.

Boxes of Red Stripe thump out the beat, cups of dry noodles roll to the rhythm, even brooms sweep along to the music. But, best of all, the main, signature tune of the song is played out using air pumps blowing over the tops of the Red Stripe bottles. 

Flabberghasted customers are beckoning their friends into the shop, laughing and singing along to the words, which are played out on the shop's CCTV screen, karaoke-style.

Experiential ads have been quite a hit this year. After the success of Coke Zero's Unlock the 007 in you, and LG's So Real It's Scary, there's no wonder that more and more brands are trying it out. 

The ad hasn't yet become a mainstream hit but we are sure that this will change as word spreads. Watch the amount of work that went into the ad here, and keep and ear open the next time you walk into a corner shop - a box of juice might just start serenading you with some Bob Marley


Attention! Angry Birds Are Coming To London

Angry Birds will be visiting London tomorrow (Good Friday) in an all-new PR stunt! 

Yep, according to a tweet on @samsungmobileuk, those loveable birds are coming to the streets of central London as part of an experiential stunt co-ordinated by Samsung and Rovio.

Samsung tweeted this - "Keep a look out, Samsung and Angry Birds will be paying London a visit later this week…", along with a teaser animation to spark interest.

Londoners who manage to find the Angry Birds will get to experience an all new innovative game on Samsung's 'ultimate entertainment device'. Whatever it is - it sounds too good to be missed!

This is exciting news from the brands, who recently partnered together for the release of Angry Birds Space. However, what is unknown is where and when the Angry birds will appear in London.

This is not the first time Angry Birds have hit the streets to engage and interact with their audience. In May 2011 T-Mobile partnered with Rovio to produce a 'Real Life' Angry Birds in Barcelona

The Spanish stunt brought the game to life, allowing members of the public to play a full-size version of the game.

Take a look at the trailer below and be sure to keep a lookout  for the campaign's exact location!

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Intel Ultrabook Temptations: How Far Will You Go For A Free Laptop?

'The Ultrabook Temptations' is an all new experiential campaign from Intel that explores just what people are prepared to do to get their hands on an 'Ultrabook'.

Experiential advertising has often been a fun, innovative and effective tactic used by brands to interact and engage with their customers in their natural environments, much like the T-Mobile Life's For Sharing campaign did.

But just what is an Ultrabook? It's a new category of 'ultra stylish' computers from Intel that are set to rival the slim design and high speeds that the Apple Macbook series provides.

The international campaign, created by Australian agency The Monkeys, launched across Sydney, Thailand and Indonesia, features a range of social experiments that 'tempt' people into going out of their way to win the new product. Some of the tests include hitting a touch-sensitive power pad, creating a human scale, crazy dancing and even a treasure hunt.

There are six videos altogether. The cream of the crop is 'The Daring Temptation', which is a rather humorous experiment set in Indonesia and Thailand. Intel has placed a number of Ultrabooks around the cities in glass boxes attached with a hammer. The glass reads 'Smash for Ultrabook'.

Next, you see hidden footage of passers-by, who all look slightly confused as to what's going on. Different people approach the stand, but are comically very hesitant to smash the glass, uneasily looking around, as they cautiously tap the glass with the hammer.

This campaign is one of the most creative pieces of ambient work I have seen in a long while. Each social experiment is extremely well thought out, making them fun tests to participate in, but also enjoyable to watch.  

The Daring Temptation spot has already received 120,000 views and over 5,500 shares online followed closely by the other experiments. Watch all 6 experiments below.

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