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Make-up Guru Encourages Women To Stop Covering Up Domestic Violence

Any make-up artist is an expert at covering things up: spots, unsightly moles... black eyes from an abusive boyfriend.

Well, YouTube's premier make-up expert has had enough at covering things up and instead has created a video in which she speaks out against domestic violence and encourages victims to stop protecting their attackers.

Lauren Luke has been using her YouTube account to share make-up tips with women around the world, and with over 140 million views over the past five years, she's the perfect spokeswoman for this campaign against domestic violence.

Refuge is a UK-based charity which provides emergency accommodation to women and children escaping violence in the home. For their latest campaign, the charity has teamed up with Luke to encourage women to stop hiding their injuries and take steps to escape violent relationships.

The ad features Luke covering up cuts and bruises given to her by a jealous boyfriend. Although the injuries look horrific, Luke is calm and collected, making her references to being punched and strangled truly shocking.

It's all the more shocking when the ad tells us that 65% of women who suffer domestic violence keep it hidden. Refuge hopes that the shocking ad will be shared among women online and will reach those most in need of the charity's support.

Put together by Lauren Luke and BBH London, the ad has garnered 76,000 views since it was launched two days ago and has already been featured in blogs and articles from around the world.

The ad seems to be doing a great job of getting noticed, we hope it will help victims of domestic violence find the help they need.

To learn more about Refuge and the campaign click here.