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Two Spocks Battle It Out In New Ad Campaign For Audi

Which Spock is better – Leonard Nimoy or Zach Quinto? OK, it seems like a pretty one-sided argument to me, but what do I know? I’m no Trekkie.

But Audi certainly thinks it’s an even fight. So much so, they made solving this intergalactic dilemma the main focus of their latest social video campaign.

However, if you expected a battle of logic, a game of teleportation tag or a fight over who has the better Vulcan death grip, think again. This is a commercial, after all, plus Nimoy is not getting any younger.

No, this is a race to see which of the two Hollywood actors can get to the golf club the faster in their respective cars. Typical.

Old-timer Nimoy’s weapon of choice is a Mercedes, while Quinto, who will don the pointy ears for a second time in the upcoming J.J. Abrams film Star Trek: Into Darkness, instead opts for the new 2013 Audi S7.

Now, as this is an Audi ad campaign, I don’t think you will be surprised who gets to the club car park quicker. Or who does it in more comfort and ease.

But Nimoy still has a few tricks up his sleeve, and soon schools the young pretender in the art of Spock.

Unsurprisingly, with so much hype around the second Abrams Star Trek movie doing the rounds at the moment, the ad is light years ahead of a lot of ads right now.

Since its launch on May 7, it has racked up almost half a million shares, easily making it the most shared ad of the last seven days, and already the fifth most popular ad of the last 30 days.

It’s only logical!


Audi Paints The Town Blue And Yellow In Cool New Ad Campaign

Writes Eddie Tomalin

Audi's latest ad packs a rather painty punch. This isn't your normal tyre-squealing race to the finish line. This one includes bonnet-mounted guns.

Yes, you read correctly - guns, well paintball guns to be precise. As part of the latest promotion for the new 2013 RS 4 Avant, the kind creatives at Audi thought the recipe to their next social video success would be sealed by bonnet-mounted paintball guns. 

And judging by the Viral Video Chart stats, they are absolutely correct. Since its launch on February 26, it has attracted over 175,000 shares, making it the fifth most shared ad of the week.

The two-minute clip - which looks and feels like an episode of Top Gear - is fired up with an 80s soundtrack, some slo-mo low angled cameras and some seriously grunty autos.

It's blue vs yellow in an all-out assault. Who wins? Well, I won't spoil it for you. You can find out for yourselves below.  


Have Ye Seen The New Audi Quattro Commercial?

Audi has had a whale of a time with its new ad campaign for the Quattro.

Called "Ahab", it takes a leaf out of one of the all-time classics in American literature, Moby Dick, to demonstrate how the Quattro's all-wheel drive system is the best when dealing with the harshest of winter roads.

But rather than some tormented, one-legged sea dog with a pointy beard and an elusive white whale, Audi’s reimagining of the classic tale features a grizzled tow truck driver and his nemesis, the Audi Quattro.

It is a brilliantly well-directed and scripted commercial which nicely demonstrates how Audi's pioneering four-wheel technology has kept them ahead of its rivals (and obsessed tow truck drivers) for 30 years.

My only concern is that a lot of people simply won't understand the reference.


Real Madrid And Barcelona Trade Turf For Tarmac In Tyre-Squealing New Ad

Imagine the two biggest football clubs in Spain tossing their boots to one side to take their intense rivalry to the race track. Well, imagine no longer, here they are. 

Certainly, that's what I thought when I saw the title. I imagined these famous Spanish rivals going head to head before last weekend's El Classico.

Messi cutting up Ronaldo on a racetrack, now that is what everyone wants to see!

But, alas, no. Halfway through this video, I’m left wondering what I am watching? I thought this was a race? Or is it a poor excuse of drifting! Ken Block, if you're watching this, turn away now. 

This is not a race, it's art, but why do they not state this at the beginning? And are we convinced that the final 'set piece' is genuine? Or if this has the ingredients to please petrolheads and football fans alike?

Make your mind up for yourself below. 


Audi Launch YouTube's First Interactive Driving Experience

Audi claims to have created the 'world's first interactive YouTube driving video'.

The German car manufacturer's clip uses 'shortcut scrubbing' to put you behind the wheel of the latest Audi A6.

Simply by pressing numbers from 1 to 9, you can get the car to perform a variety of manoeuvres. These range from hairpin turns to simply turning left. You can see the car and also a split-screen of a professional driver behind the wheel.

It's certainly a very interesting campaign. 'Shortcut scrubbing', which turns numbers into markers within the YouTube video that skip chapters by 10% increments at a time, is starting to become a weapon of choice in the video marketer's arsenal. 

Lynx used something very similar in their recent campaign, Hot Reporter Gets Job Done, but with a very different outcome. And it certainly increases visitor engagement and brand advocacy.

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Watch The World's Greatest Drag Race



This isn't your normal Top Gear style one on one action, this is 11 supercars in one drag race to determine who can tear up the tarmac the quickest.

With an empty airstrip and eleven of the best drivers' cars in the world, American car magazine Motor Trend put on the entertaining drag race.

I won't be a spoiler, so make your predictions and take a look at the video below to find out who won.

I do have one question: where is the Bugatti Veyron amongst this super car listing? Surely with a whopping £1 million price tag and over 1000bhp under the bonnet, it is a major competitor.

Anyhow, this is a smoking video, which has flown up the Viral Video Chart with over 500,000 views since its release 3 days ago.

Check out the super car free-for-all video below.