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A Walk Around The Block Lands Phone User In A War-zone In Sony Xperia Ad

We've all had moment like it. You're walking along, playing with your phone, and when you look up, you're not where you thought you were. This new ad features a guy who manages to walk his way into a warzone thanks to his smartphone.

This US ad for Sony Xperia, a smartphone with an impressive HD display, isn't really warning about the dangers of stumbling into a combat zone. The ad is suggesting that the phone is so good that you'll feel totally immersed in the music you listen to, the films you watch and the games you play on it.

The ad opens with the main character leaving a cafe and donning his headphones. The sound quality is so good that, it's like he stumbled into a small concert happening right next to him.

Next he starts watching a movie, only to be showered in broken glass as a robber dives through a window to escape the scene of the crime. He doesn't get far, as Spider-man starts tossing webs around and pitching cars over the head of the oblivious Xperia owner.

Rounding the corner and starting to play a game, our hero is then tackled to the ground by a heavily armed soldier. Still playing the game as jets bomb the street around him and special forces abseil down buildings, he arrives home and plugs his phone into his TV.

With the movies and games on his big screen, the man seems totally oblivious to the soldiers, musicians and superheroes partying outside his window. The ad, by McCann NY, has won over 44,000 views and 1,200 shares in 4 days. 

We really suggest that you watch this ad, but if you're on your phone, watch where you're going.