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Still Badgering On: Weebl Celebrates 10 Years

He's been producing some of the web's weirdest, funniest, creepiest and most badger-filled videos since before YouTube existed. So to celebrate his incredible 10th year of animated awesomeness, he's released this celebration of his greatest hits.

His real name may be Joni Picking, but the world knows him as Weebl, or more likely as, "that bloke who does the weird cartoons". And yes, that's what he's famous for, producing some of the oddest, most surreal animations on the web.

Seeing how the internet is bursting at its electronic seams with strange cartoons built by strange men who probably should have left their computers to taste fresh air a long time ago, what makes Weebl so special?

He's had some massive hits that's why. He made his name with dancing badgers, and then his talking eggs Weebl and Bob went to work for MTV. Before he knew it, the world went mad for his Amazing Horse.

To celebrate a decade of web-stardom, Weebl has released this remix of Badgers, involving cake and cameos from some of his most popular cartoon stars. Released 6 days ago, the clip has been picked up by Weebl fans, earning it over 89,000 views and 2,000 shares.

The's a healthy dose of silliness in this clip, and tonnes of Weebl 'toons to be spotted in the background. So turn up your speakers and sing along: party, party, party, party TEN YEARS!