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Will Opportunity Knock For The Contestants On Don't Stop Me Now?

Another day, another glossy, light entertainment talent show.

Sky1 have thrown another talent show into the Sunday schedules in the form of Don't Stop Me Now, a show in which the audience decides whether or not an act can progress through to the next round.

From the look of the trailer, we can expect a hybrid of Britain’s Got Talent and Opportunity Knocks, with the usual collection of oddities that one tends to find on the talent show circuit, and a couple of Susan Boyle-esque curve balls thrown in at suitable intervals.

Contestants have 100 seconds to impress the audience, but if for any reason the audience decides they’ve had enough, then they will be unceremoniously ejected from the stage in a raft of bizarre ways, such as dropping through the floor or, for some reason, being propelled backwards through a fake brick wall.

Don’t Stop Me Now does dangle the carrot of the public humiliation of bedroom superstars with ideas above their station. But, like so many of these shows, it will be the calibre of the bedroom superstars it attracts that will really determine whether or not the show will be able to keep viewers hooked.

And that is exactly what drew us to this trailer; we couldn’t help but notice during the montage of acts that are due to grace the stage the unmistakeable figure of Meme Team favourite and Time Travelling Tea Enthusiast, Professor Elemental.

The good Prof’s appearance will keep us watching, but will it be enough to keep the rest of the audience tuning in?

You can catch Don’t Stop Me Now, presented by Total Wipeout’s Amanda Byram and commentated on by the ever-loveable Louis Spence, this Sunday, March 18, at 8pm, on Sky1.