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Adorable Video Of The Day: Ellen's Superbass Kids Are Back And Stealing The Show Again

Remember those adorable little girls who became YouTube sensations after a video of them singing Nicki Minaj's Superbass went viral?

Well, Sophia Grace Brownlee, 8, and younger cousin Rosie Grace McClelland, 5, whose video back in September racked over 22 million views and won the mini YouTube stars a guest slot on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, are back - and stealing the show once again. 

I don't think you could find two more enthusiastic music fans than this dynamic duo from Essex. And after Ellen hired the pair to do some freelance reporting at the American Music Awards recently, they could be set for yet more YouTube success. 

Wearing matching tutus, the pair turned the heads of some of the biggest stars in the industry, including Katy Perry

This video is set to fly up the Viral Video Chart, with almost 800,000 YouTube views since it was posted two days ago, further demonstrating the power social video platforms such as YouTube hold in today's internet-obsessed culture.

So next time you record some content, remember you just never know who might be watching. 

You too could be the next Justin Bieber, Sofia Grace Brownlee or Greyson Chance