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Snap-Happy Slideshow Tells The Tale Of A Life In One Minute

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But this ad shows that 866 of them are worth a lot more.

From Love To Bingo In 866 Images promotes the work of Getty Images. Using pictures from the stock agency's massive archive, the clip tells the story of one man's life.

Rapidly whizzing through each spectacular picture, the ad creates a sense of motion, making it appear as though characters really are moving and time really is passing.

The optical illusion introduces us to a passionate couple who, shown in microscopic detail, conceive the baby whose life the ad follows. We watch him grow up, marry and start a family of his own. But it's not all plain sailing.

The man's wife is killed by lightning and he battles with grief. When he overcomes his despair, he discovers a new lust for life, climbing mountains and using his bingo winnings to buy a yacht. As the ad comes to a close, he sails happily off into the distance.

Put together by AlmapBBDDO, the clip has proved massively popular, earning over 688,000 views and 2,000 shares in just four days. Appearing in 40 blog posts and articles online, the ad is sure to keep winning fans.

With so many pictures packed into such a short ad, there's details which pass you by on the first viewing.  Just like we did, you'll probably watch this again and again.