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Holy Orange Jumpsuits! Check Out The Trailer For Misfits Series 3

Misfits has to be one of the best dramas on British screens at the moment - and this week it’s back for its hotly anticipated 3rd series.

So let’s see what we can expect from our favourite super-powered miscreants.

From the looks of the trailer, we can expect more of the same from Curtis, Alisha, Simon and Kelly. They’re once again being reluctantly dragged into a new adventure, full of adrenaline-fuelled action, super villains and, of course, those trademark orange jumpsuits.

There is a bit of a change this time around, though. Nathan is absent from the 40-second clip, having been locked up for using his powers to try and cheat a Vegas casino (as seen in the online short, Vegas Baby).

But all is not lost, as the trailer shows that Rudy, also from the Vegas Baby short and played by This is England’s Joe Gilgun, may be stepping into Nathan’s jumpsuit to complete the ASBO 5 line-up.

We can also see that Seth, the mysterious power dealer, makes a return, but what effect will he have on our heroes?

Watch Misfits Series 3, which starts this Sunday at 10pm on E4, to find out.