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Dell's New Alienware Tour Transforms The Most Mundane Into The Magical

Never in the history of the world has a caravan been more interesting.

Not since Top Gear delighted in finding new ways to blow one of them up has such a soulless chunk of trailer trash been so entertaining.

I mean it is not very day that a caravan lights up, grows tentacles or harbours funny-looking aliens.

So what's the secret? Well, it is all thanks to Dell's new Alienware computers. 

Now 'Alienware' may sound like the latest summer collection for extra terrestrials, but they are actually the driving force behind the amazing special effects seen in this new product demonstration.

It was filmed in Melbourne, Australia, on July 7 and is part of a new, world-first visual experience called Live Dimension Reality at an event called 'Alienware: Area 52'.

And while the concept of 'Dimension Reality' is nothing new, the concept of combining 3D motion mapping with live action, pyrotechnics, special effects and a theatrical storyline is. 

The idea behind the demo is to demonstrate how Alienware computers have the graphics and processing power to help gamers escape their drab lives and be transported into the game universe.

And judging by this video, they certainly manage it, making even the most mundane of objects magical.

Fancy going yourselves? Well, thankfully, Dell is taking the Area 52 show around the dusty roads of Australia, where gamers can be part of the experience and sample some of the Alienware products. For more details, click here.

Disclosure: Unruly is distributing this video on behalf of Dell. This post is not part of the commercial plan and is written by the editorial team at Unruly, whose opinions are always independent, sometimes scurrilous, and never knowingly under-researched.