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Christmas Through The Baffled Perspective Of A Family Of Argos Loving Aliens

Ever wondered what an alien thinks about Christmas? Well now, thanks to Argos, you don't need to.

The advert, which features a father who likes eggnog and a mother who likes Justin Bieber, shows a family of aliens visiting a shopping centre. We find them questioning why the humans aren't using Argos to order online and collect in store?

Good question, but to be honest, Christmas wouldn't be the same without that mad dash for presents on Xmas Eve, now would it? Fighting off grandmas in M&S for the last scrap of the wrapping paper, only to arrive home to find out you don't have any Sellotape. Happens to me every year!

So, British actor Bill Nighy plays the father alien, while Caroline Quentin plays the mother in the minute-long advert, which promotes Argos's online service this Christmas. 

Chi & Partners are the ad agency behind this weird festive offering, which was shot in Prague. The entire campaign was said to of cost £10 million. Ho-ho-holy moly!

As an early Christmas present from the friendly folk at Meme Machine Towers, we have even thrown in a making-of video for good measure. Merry Christmas!

 Christmas Ad


Making Of Video


Body Of Dead Alien Found In Siberia – Fake Or Not? 

Is this the body of a dead alien found in Russia? Or just another big, fat hoax? You decide.

It all started with on March 1, when a supposed 'UFO crash' in the Irkutsk region of Siberia was ignored by Western media, but got extended coverage on Interfax, Russia’s official government news agency.

Government officials have since declared that no private or military aircrafts were present in the area at the time of the crash, and hours after the crash the area was swarming with military and scientific personnel.

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