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Aldi's Gin-Soaked Granny Is UK's Most Liked Ad Of 2011

Volkswagen's Super Bowl ad spot The Force may have broken records galore and been the most shared ad of the year, but incredibly it was not the UK's most liked commercial of 2011.

In fact, the Passat ad, which attracted almost 50million social media shares last year, did not even manage second spot in a survey of Britain's top 10 favourite ads, compiled by Nielsen.

Instead, the number one spot instead went to a cheeky little ad by McCann for discount supermarket chain Aldi.

It features a granny, who after describing how much her husband loves tea, admits: "I don't like tea. I like gin".

Second place went to comparethemarket's Sarah Roberts commercial. Other ads to make it on to the top 10 include John Lewis's controversial Christmas ad, Fosters's hair-raising spot, Warren from Halifax and a bizarre Skittles commercial. 

The top 10 (after the jump) was based on scores for likeability and brand recall

Darren Moore, vice-president for advertiser solutions at Nielsen, said:

"This is the year that relatable characters – people like you and me – replaced celebrities in the list of most-liked ads.

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Gin-Swilling Grandma Stars In New Aldi Ad

Now here is a brave ad we can all raise a glass - or a cup of tea - to.

It's for budget retail chain Aldi, created by agency McCann Erickson (Manchester), and actually made me spit my tea out on the desk while watching it.

Why it works is that it makes me think of my dear old granny at Christmas and her favourite festive tipple, gin.

It's directed by MJ Delaney, who also helmed the marvellous Newport State Of Mind spoof last year, and really captures an old woman's indifference to her husband's tea-drinking habits.