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Charlie Sheen Celebrates Sobriety...With A Beer

Charlie Sheen was once known as an actor. Lately the star has become better known for his boozy, hellraising antics, hedonistic lifetyle and incredible catchphrases. Now an attempt to abandon his wildman ways has been lampooned in an ad for alcohol-free Bavaria Beer.

Charlie Sheen's extreme party lifestyle may have lost him serious acting roles, but it's made him all the more attractive to advertisers.

As Sheen's well-documented lifestyle becomes more bizarre, advertisers seem to regard him as a good ambassador for their brand. In one sense Bavaria brewery may have been right.

This ad for the Dutch lager brand sees a healthy-looking Sheen leaving rehab and promising to keep sober. As he drives home, he struggles with temptation, seeing everyone around him, police officers and pregnant women included, supping at bottles of beer.

Arriving home, Sheen is distraught to find a welcome home party filling his garden with friends and beer. Hiding inside the house, Sheen looks determined to avoid the demon drink forever...until an ice cold Bavaria is slipped in through the cat flap.

Luckily though, the delicious brew is 0% alcohol and Sheen is able to enjoy the cool refreshment of Bavaria. Clearly the brand produces simply irresistible lager, even for the tee-total.

Attaching Charlie Sheen's name to any online video will always guarantee a certain amount of interest online, but unlike other efforts, this ad uses the name and Sheen rather well. Despite all his problems, Sheen can still deliver a good comedic performance, and his increasing temptation is amusing to watch.

With over 10,000 shares in two days, primarily in the Netherlands, the ad, by Selmore, of Amsterdam, looks set to spread worldwide.

Love him or loathe him, Sheen has become advertisers' go-to bad boy. And try as he might to behave, this ad makes his battle with temptation truly amusing.