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CGI Bruce Lee Stars In Slightly Spiritual, Slightly Baffling Johnnie Walker Ad

We're not sure what it says about the current state of celebrity that we seem to be running out of living people.

Tupac was famously revived in hologram form at Coachella last year, while Marlon Brando appeared in 2006's Superman Returns two years after his death.

Now Johnnie Walker adds their own entry to this growing roster, with a rather meditative spot produced by BBH's China branch. Set against the glow of night-time Hong Kong, we see a suited Bruce Lee holding forth on life, the universe and everything.

Of course, the real Bruce Lee died in 1973, but CGI-modelling attempts to bring the martial arts maestro back to life. The result is occasionally effective, if a little creepy, and works best when 'Lee' isn't in close-up.

As for the content, the model provides some inspirational phrases ("Don't just seek the path to success, but to exceptional success"), before we cut to a loving shot of some Johnnie Walker: Blue Label

While we appreciate the technical ambition that went into the spot, we can't help but find the concept a little bizarre. There's already been a minor backlash to the ad in the Chinese press, but we'll have to wait and see how the general public responds.


Corona Shoots For The Moon With Amazing Astronomical Stunt

The clever clogs at Corona have pulled off an amazing stunt that uses the cosmos as a giant trick of the eye.

Using a massive New York billboard and some very clever calculations, the boffins at Corona turned the crescent moon into their very own astronomical slice of lime. The result is ingeniously simple and eye-catching, as the crowd of Manhattanites snapping pictures demonstrates.

Working with agency Cramer-Krasselt and "top universities and planetariums", 'Luna Corona' clearly was a long time in the making.

The accompanying video deserves just as much praise for somehow managing to make angle measurement sexy and exciting.

Of course, the stunt is a fleeting phenomenon: the moon only lines up in this way from a particular angle, and at certain times of year. Since its release on the 11th, the spot 'Luna Corona' has only been shared 1,400 times, but it's early days yet.

The ad ends by announcing the next union of beer and moon on the 15th and 16th of June. Though we have to wait to see if the crowds turn out for the next "event", there's no denying that 'Luna Corona' presents a brilliant fusion of science and marketing.


Paint The Town Black With Guinness

Are you going to be celebrating Arthur's Day this year? What?! You have never heard if it? 

Well, it it basically St Patrick's Day MkII. Created by Guinness in 2009 to honour its founder Arthur Guinness, Arthur's Day is on September 27th and seems to be just another holiday in the name of getting wasted on Guinness - not that we need an excuse.

The latest ad begins more like a protest against oil pollution than a brand celebration, as we see the whole town come together to paint every surface with a thick, black substance. But then all is revealed, as they start partying with a pint of the black stuff.

A girl smudges it across her face, a man paints his horse with it, a group of boys kick a dripping football against a wall, while another guy pulls a string of bunting from a paddling pool of black goo.

If it weren't for the festive cheer, it would all seem very unappealing.

The ad has racked up 82,209 views and 3,003 shares in the week since its launch.


Southern Comfort Support Whatever's Comfortable

Whatever's comfortable for you is A-OK, say Southern Comfort. Even if that is ill-fitting burgundy swimming trunks and a handlebar moustache.

Wandering down the beach in loafers with an oily beer belly, all this greasy fellow needs is a glass of SoCo to feel comfy. And that's all that matters - unless you're one of the sober onlookers who wanted nothing more than a day on the beach with a gorgeous view - in which case you're out of luck when this guy's around.

'Beach' is the first advert by Southern Comfort with its new agency Wieden and Kennedy. The campaign celebrates 'Whatever's Comfortable' for those who are completely comfortable in their own skin, without a care for what those around them think of their questionable beachwear.

So next time you see a tubby chap in Speedos sipping on a SoCo, don't judge him, join him, and your own cool glass might just materialise out of thin air like his did.


Stars Train Fans For Euro 2012 In Carlsberg Ad

With UEFA Euro 2012 just weeks away, the teams will soon start preparing for the big kick-off. But there's one group who are working just as hard to prepare - the fans.

Well, thanks to Carlsberg, we are given a sneak peek at just how England fans are limbering up for the tournament held in Ukraine and Poland.

A new all-star ad takes a behind-the-scenes look at the England Fans' Elite Training Programme - a fictional country retreat ran by Des Lynam designed to train supporters on how to give their country the best possible support.

The commercial features former England players Stuart Pearce, Sir Bobby Charlton, Ian Wright, while there is even a cameo from beardy thesp Brian Blessed.


Beer Ad Depicts The End Of The World

Some say, that 2012 is supposed to be the year the world ends.  

So, naturally numerous companies are using this as the angle for their latest campaigns. We've already seen the Chevrelot ad, which featured in our Super Bowl 2012 ads chart

Now it's the turn of an alcohol brand - Shock Top. Yes, before you start, I had never heard of them either until I wrote this article. They brew Belgian-style wheat ale with orange, lemon, lime peels and coriander. Nice! 

The ad is fronted by the smoothest spokesperson known to man, the ad pans through a terror-stricken city where aliens are running riot on the last day of humanity. 

The ad suggests that the best thing to do should this Doomsday occur is to sit back an enjoy one last beer, not anyone's though, a Shock Top.  

In all honesty, should this scenario come to fruition, there are a hundred other things I would want to do before indulging in a beer, but I'm sure I don't speak for everyone there. 

Take a look at the end of the world through the eyes of a beer brand below.