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Flying Shark Scares The Litter Out Of Cat

It almost seems like poetic justice: Looking for a tasty snack, a cat eyes up a goldfish in a bowl, only to be scared off by his bigger brother, a shark.

A flying shark, to be precise. But before you start locking yourselves in your homes in fear of being attacked from above by Jaws in your nearest parking lot, we have to point out it is just a toy. Phew!

Yep, they are called Air Swimmers and are simply remote control helium balloons made up to look like fish.

And, we have to say, the shark one is quite impressive. In fact, it actually looks more realistic than the ones in Deep Blue Sea. Not that hard, admittedly. The office vacuum cleaner does a more convincing impression.

Certainly, the cat was convinced and did not stick around to ask any questions.

Of course, the video is an ad for Air Swimmers - and a very effective one at that. The clip has so far attracted over 230,000 views since it was uploaded at the end of last month.

Want to buy one? Then click here.