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AIDES's New Clever Dick Commercial Makes Men Jealous

Now here is one man we can all look up to. Some women say men think with their dicks - well here is one guy who can do just about everything with his. 

It is the latest ad from TBWA\Paris for AIDES, a French organisation that promotes safe sex through some rather controversial campaigns.

Last year their AIDES Graffiti ad, which featured an animated penis in a women’s restroom, was a huge hit, and recently they also launched an ad featuring "Smutley The Cat", which has to be seen to be believed.  

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Top 20 Viral Global Video Ads Of 2010: Wayne Rooney Wins By A Whisker

Laughter is not only the best medicine, but it also seems it's the best way to make your ad a viral hit.

Looking at the content of the top 20 most successful global viral ads of 2010, released exclusively at the launch party of the IAB's/ Unruly Media's UK Chart yesterday (Tuesday), only five do not use humour.

OK, to come clean, some of the ads are funnier than others. The Pepsi Max and Nike ads are hardly likely to make you split your sides any time soon, but humour does play a part in the core message.

Certainly, the two companies involved are laughing all the way to the bank after racking up millions of shares on Twitter, Facebook and among bloggers.

Nike's Write The Future campaign bags top spot with almost 600,000 shares since it was launched in May ahead of the World Cup (and before England's and Wayne Rooney's own comedic performance in Africa). 

It is not hard to see why it did so well. Not only was it released just when World Cup fever was starting to hit the web, but it used humour as part of its core message. What? You don't think seeing Wayne Rooney in a beard was funny?

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