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Half-Naked Girl Chases Thief In New Agent Provocateur Spot 

British lingerie retailer Agent Provocateur stays true to their name in an all new spot that features an agent-like model in hot pursuit of a thief.

The advert - titled 'The Chase' - sees the sexy heroine chase a crook down in just her underwear after conveniently losing her dress, ending with the slogan 'Sexy Never Takes A Day Off'.

The comical spot for the brand's Classics Collection showcases the new lingerie range extremely well.

After all, nothing sells underwear better to lazy boyfriends than a sexy woman running slow-motion in just her bra and pants. 

Although the ad is rather raunchy, the spot is actually a lot tamer than some of Agent Provocateur's previous work, such as 'The Muse' and 'The Initiate', which featured steamy, erotic scenarios in the bedroom.

The Chase spot has already had 290,000 views on YouTube and been shared over 3,000 times. Watch the spot below...


Top 10 Sexiest Lingerie Ads 

Sex sells - everyone knows that. Whether it is an ad for beer, a car or even real estate, the sight of a sexy man or woman will always generate online video sharing.

That's because, like humour, sexiness is a viral trigger - it encourages people to share. 

Dare we say, it's particularly true of men. Give a heterosexual man enough of a look at sexy lady flesh and he’ll be halfway to the shop before you know it. New deodorant? Great. New mobile phone? OK! New treatment for thrush? You are on your own.

You only need to look at the popularity of Emporio Armani's recent jeans commercial, which featured a very lightly dressed Megan Fox, to see what impact sexing up an ad can have.

Even video game retailers are at it now. A recent racy ad for a Tennis video game, featuring a grunting and scantily-clad Serena Williams, has been deemed to too hot for TV and never made it on air. However, unsurprisingly, it has found its niche on the web.

But what about the more obvious sexual content, like lingerie ads? Brands such as Victoria's Secret and Agent Provocateur have certainly owned this space for a long time, but which other ads stand out?

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