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Pigeon Raps In Funny New Aflac Commercial

Let's face it, insurance is not exactly the most interesting subject in the world.

So it is just as well Aflac, the biggest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States, have spiced up their latest ad campaign with some rapping animals.

That's right, their new ad campaign features a rapping pigeon, a rapping frog, a rapping worm and, of course, a rapping duck, the star of many Aflac ads.

To be honest, after watching this ad several times, I have no idea what they are rapping about. The sight of a frog spinning lily pads like they were turn-styles distracted me for too long.

But this commercial does prove one thing at least: put some rapping animals in your video and the world will sit up and take notice.

So expect some rapping animals in the next Herman Cain spot.