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Meet the Dipr, This Year's Most Pointless Invention

It's the age old problem - you dip your cookie in a glass of milk, it breaks, and by the end of your drink you're left with an unappetising soggy brown goo.

But never fear, the Dipr is here to relieve you of not only crumbling cookies, but also the ever bothersome wet fingers you get from dipping.

Designed to hold your sandwich cookie as you dip, the Dipr is available in a range of colours and is soon to come in animal character form.

Comments show that it is 'genius' and one woman even claims that her children will no longer eat Oreos without the Dipr. It's at this point that the unavoidable question rears it's head - what is the point?

Your children are too lazy and dependent on a pointless tool that they won't use their fingers to eat a biscuit? Your idea of genius is a curved piece of wire on the end of a stick? Does eating cookies really cause people this much stress?

The ad seems almost as pointless as the product, earning only 189 shares.

If a product like this can't even do well in the Oreo-loving USA, we can't see it taking off worldwide.



Temptations' Cat Boots Campaign Will Creep You Out

Had enough of cat adverts yet? Well, tough. Because Temptations cat food has come up with yet another furry treat.

The short advert features a man at work with UGG-style furry boots on. However, when complimented by his slightly derranged-looking colleague on his footwear, he reveals that they are not, in fact, the latest cross over in men and women's fashion. Nor is he going to a '90s cyber rave.

His cats have in fact attached themselves to his legs because they just can't bear to be away from Temptations cat treats

The ad is a fine try, but, to be honest, the cats aren't that cute. In fact, I am sure I will be having nightmares about them tonight.

The woman's laugh is also the creepiest thing since the Skittles Walrus, and the not-so-catchy slogan, 'when you shake 'em, you can't shake 'em,' is a little irritating.

Nice try, Temptations, but ASPCA and Cravendale have set a high standard for cat ads.


BooneOakley's Innovative Excuse For Your Day Off Work

It’s not easy to get out of the office for a job interview. But if you’re worried about making excuses to your boss, BooneOakley has just the answer.

You see, the North Carolina advertising agency is advertising for a new senior writer. And just in case any prospective applicants were worried they would not be able to apply because they would not be able to get time off from their current roles, they have come up with a unique excuse.

With the help of Brenda, a professional make-up artist, creative chief David Oakley assures viewers, “if we like your book well enough to fly you to Charlotte, Brenda will send you home with a perfectly acceptable, totally believable excuse for being out of the office".

So to avoid questioning and guilt trips about your day off, Brenda transforms interviewees into a grief stricken/post-surgery/ninja-attacked mess, with the help of a lot of red make-up. 

After all, what kind of boss would not believe that your face had been slashed by a nun?

Having appeared on AMC’s The Pitch and been branded ‘small agency of the year’ by Ad Age, BooneOakley was always going to get a lot of people interested in working for them.

But we have a feeling this new campaign may lead to a deluge of CVs. 


Vuitton X Kusama App Not Quite What It Says On The Tin

Social video has become the popular way for fashion houses to advertise their upcoming collections.

Experts have said that during an economic downturn luxury brands should focus more on quality, craftsmanship and value in their advertising campaigns.

To help launch Louis Vuitton's collaboration with Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, the fashion house has launched a promotional iPhone app.

This follows Kusama's 4-month exhibition at the Tate, and also the launch of Vuitton's "100 Legendary Trunks" app for iPad, released last month, which took a journey into the history of the brand's trademark luggage and trunks.

This latest app is advertised with a Kusama's signature polkadot pattern, transforming a woman's plain purse, and morphing a vase of flowers into abstract waves. However, in reality the app offers nothing of the sort.

Upon selecting a photo to 'Kusamariz', it is blurred beyond recognition under a layer of waves and polkadots, with only the original colours of the photo remaining.

Whilst the result looks distinctly arty and Kusama-esque, the app does little to promote the collaboration, and is complicated to use. 

This app may not be the new Angry Birds, but it's enough to entice fashion fans. The video has gained 13,443 shares in the 2 weeks since its launch. 


World's Most Expensive Billboard Features Man in Jetpack

Is this the most expensive billboard of all time? Skydive Dubai and energy drink Go Fast! certainly think so after hiring a guy in a jetpack to zoom around it - for 20 seconds.

Situated at the entrance of the Burj Khalifa, Dubai - the tallest building in the world - they claim it is worth $1.3 billion. However, not everyone is sure they have their sums right.

A closer look at their own press release reveals that the billboard would actually only cost the stated $1.3 billion if the jetpack pilot, who had pyrotechnics strapped to his feet for the event, were to fly about the billboard for the entire month of its standing.

The jetpack has now been strapped to the billboard following its exciting 20 seconds flight to an audience of, well, not that many people, and will remain there for the rest of the month. 

This isn't the first time Go Fast! have opted for jetpack advertising, having set a Guinness World Record in 2008 for the "farthest distance flown with a rocket belt."

Watch the jetpack in all its 20 seconds of glory here, and form your own opinions on this ludicrously expensive ad.


Here Are Some Classic 60s Commercials To Celebrate Return Of Mad Men

The time has finally arrived, Don Draper's smooth charm and Joan Harris's fantastic bottom are back on our screens! 

Yep, the long-awaited season 5 premiere of Mad Men aired on HBO in the US last night, with the show set to launch in the UK tomorrow on Sky Atlantic.

So while us Brits wait patiently, to celebrate the return of the series we've compiled 10 of our favourite commercials from the Mad Men era.

Is your favourite below?


10. New Country Cornflakes

Random ad alert: A pig that clucks like a chicken selling Cornflakes. Catchy song, though!

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