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Meme Machine Is Moving Back In With The Parents

The dusty cardboard boxes are cluttering up our hall, the delivery van is booked and we have already said our sad farewells to our slightly annoying neighbours.

That’s right, Meme Machine is moving back home. After almost three years living it up in our very own little domain, we have decided to take advantage of the generous living space offered by our parent company Unruly. We are moving up in the world.

So from Monday onwards, please visit our new domain,, for your daily fix of what’s new in the world of social video advertising.

Don’t cry! We are going to a better place. 


Go Compare Under Fire for Bazooka Blasting Tenor

Go Compare have finally realised that everyone hates 'Gio Compario', their opera singing spokes-tenor. Instead of quietly axing him, the insurance company had him blown up by BBC Sport presenter Sue Barker.

The series of adverts, which took over full ad breaks from July 2nd, received a number of complaints, as viewers - no doubt the same bored people who initially voted the tenor as the most annoying character in adverts - rushed to his defence.

It was claimed the adverts 'trivialise terrorism', as a balaclava-clad Barker armed with a bazooka blasts the singer, played by real-life tenor Wynne Evans, as he prances around the lawn of a bewildered-looking couple.

Though most of us would love to see the tenor and his stupid crimped moustache blasted from our televisions, the campaign came with bad timing, launching just as the government announced its plans to prevent terrorist attacks during the Olympics.

Somehow he avoids certain death, but still the Advertising Standards Authority has received over 40 complaints and is deciding whether to "launch a full investigation".

The campaign also featured defaced their own billboards, suggesting Gio should 'go jump of a cliff'. His Twitter response (we would love to know who bothers following that account) reads, "Cliff jumping while singing will be great fun." Naturally, this was aspect of the ad campaign has been criticised by The Samaritans for 'trivialising suicide'.

The fuss has helped the ad win over 2,400 shares in just 4 days, which makes us wonder if Gio Compario could be get on, just so we can watch him subjected to more assassination attempts.