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Land Rover Adventurers Are Born Free

There aren't too many places left undiscovered. Gone are the days of pith helmets and noble explorers heading off into the unknown. Not that it's stopped this couple of young adventurers.

The couple arrive at the dry cleaners and deposit a large bundle of sand-filled khaki gear. The owner's confusion only grows when they return days later with soaked cold weather clothing. Days later the pair come back again, this time with armfuls of jungle clothing covered in leaf litter.  What have these two been up to?

As we ponder this to the sound of Born Free, the couple leave the shop and climb into a new Land Rover. Suddenly it all makes sense. With their trusty 4x4, they can motor off to exotic new lands whenever they please.

Confusion lifts from the shop owner's face as a tarantula crawls out of the clothing to make itself at home. The ad asks "been anywhere interesting lately?" and introduces the Land Rover LR4.

The ad by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R is due to premier on British TV on Sunday, April 1st, but a US version has already found fans online.

So, lace up your boots, brush up on your Swahili and head out into the wilderness. But please, watch the ad first.