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Justin Bieber Sings With Victoria's Secret Models

Justin Bieber might be one of the web's most popular 'musicians', but the pint-sized popstar's appeal is limited to teenage girls. With a little help from some new friends, he might be able to change all that.

You see Bieber has enlisted a bevy of beauties to lip sync along to his new single, Beauty And A Beat. The models, who can usually be seen strutting around in their underwear for Victoria's Secret, take to the stage and mime along with the Canadian singer's hit.

The girls dance and groove between photoshoots, as Bieber gets ready to give a concert performance. The gorgeous models giggle and pose with Bieber, who sings into a camera, seemingly oblivious to their presence.

While we are wondering how the 18-year-old could be unaware of the stunning ladies around him, we are also wondering how this ad for Victoria's Secret manages to include next-to-no shots of the brand's famous lingerie.

Still, the clip has managed to earn nearly 1.1 million views in just 11 days. While Bieber might be one of the most searched names by his teen fanbase, we're pretty sure Victoria's Secret is one of the more popular to be searched by male users online. Whatever the reason behind its popularity, the video has garnered over 100,000 shares.


Michael Bay In Surprisingly Low-Key Victoria's Secret Ad Shock

Hollywood director Michael Bay must be losing his touch.

How else can you explain why his new Christmas ad for Victoria's Secret had absolutely no explosions or helicopters whatsoever?

The Transformers and Pearl Harbor helmer clearly had other things on his mind when he shot the festive commercial for the women’s lingerie and beauty product retailer, because it looks nothing like a Michael Bay film at all (a good thing some would say).

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