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Sharing Touching Ideas For A New World

This isn't an ad, it's an invitation to share ideas. While most commercials tell you how great their product is, this one asks you to share your ideas.

In My New World uses stop-motion animation to ask viewers to think about what the future may hold for them. 

The ad is part of a wider campaign that features outdoor displays that ask the public to finish the sentence "in my new world...", recording their predictions on video to be posted on the campaign website The most popular video uploaded will be picked to run on Lebanese TV.

The campaigns interactive element is fun, and some of the videos submitted have turned out to be quite moving, but its not clear what it's all about. The ads, websites and outdoor installations are all promoting Touch,  Lebanon's leading cell phone company. 

It may not seem obvious at first, but the campaign is a very clever way to get users to interact with the campaign and each other, representing the interconnected way of life that comes with Touch products.

The campaign, led by JWT Beirut, has seen hundreds of users share their hopes and dreams in videos that have been shared around the world on social networks.

The clip is worth a watch, but the website really must be seen.