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New Pitbull And Arianna Music Video Blurs Lines Between Music Video And Advertising, Could Be Music To Ears Of Brands

Is this new video starring Italian singer Arianna and Pitbull a music video or an ad for Fiat?

Judging from recent entries on to the Unruly Viral Video Chart, it's the kind of question that could well be asked with a lot more frequency over the coming months.

Of course, product placements are nothing new. From shameless movie sequences to stars being 'caught' with shopping bags by paps, we have all seen celebs flaunt their supposed tastes in fashion, cellphones and cars for extra cash over the years.

But lately it's noticeable we are seeing more and more videos which could arguably be identified as both a music video and a full-blown ad.

Take Arianna's video Sexy People, which also stars American rapper Pitbull and boasts a cameo from Charlie Sheen, for example (below).

The Italian pop star was last year asked by a friend who produces music for TV commercials to record a few lines of a Neapolitan folk song, Torna a Surriento, for a Fiat campaign.

The recorded song, also featuring Pitbull and bracketed as '(The FIAT Song)', was originally used in a Fiat ad called "Immigrants", launched way back in July 2012.

But rather than starring the two pop stars, the traditional commercial instead showed the Fiat 500 range travelling under the sea to reach America. In other words, just a typical ad.

However, possibly guided by the popularity of the song, the Italian car brand has come back with a video that uses elements of the original ad (cars travelling under sea), but this time uses Arianna and Pitbull as the stars of the show. Uploaded on to Arianna's popular Vevo channel on April 26 with a updated remix, the result is almost the perfect hybrid of an ad and a music video. 

In fact, despite it quite blatantly being a music video, it has not stopped some in the YouTube comments section to call it, 'the greatest commercial I have ever seen!"

Rather predictably, the video has attracted a lot of interest across the internet, with already almost 7 million views and more than 130,000 shares.

But why is mixing the two, just like Beyonce did to a lesser degree with recent popular ad spots for Pepsi and H&M, such a significant trend in social video advertising?

After all, isn't this just another music video with a slightly more blatant product placement?

Well, for me, it is the next logical step for advertisers looking to engage the social web. In fact, the only thing surprising about it is there have not been more brands doing it. Why? Well, for three very good reasons:

  • As the advance in technology blurs the line between content watched on TV and video content watched online on mobile and laptop devices, it's only natural that more and more brands are happy to embrace their roles as content creators. And what is the most popular video content online? Music videos, of course - by a long way. Just look at the top 100 most shared videos on the Unruly Viral Video Chart and you will see what I mean. Altogether, of the top 100, only one, Kony 2012 at #62, is not a music video. A huge viral sensation, like Talking Twin Babies, barely makes it on to the top 200;
  • While guidelines strictly enforced by the ASA mean that TV viewers are protected from over-zealous advertisers, online campaigns - also subject to strict guidelines - are less regulated;
  • Music and advertising is a magical combination. Look at the greatest online ads of all time, and the vast majority boast an incredible song or catchy jingle. It's not hard to see why. After all, recent academic research has found that the most shared ads are the ones which elicit the strongest emotions from its audience. And what better way to elicit strong feelings of joy, sadness or exhilaration than through music? 

It's certainly music to the ears of a lot of advertisers, but whether it is a trend that will catch on, we will have to wait and see. 


Freaky Goat Is The Latest Brand Ambassador Over At Mountain Dew

Step-a-side Mr Wolfdog, there's a new animal ambassador in town. Starring in Mountain Dew's latest ad offering is one of the weirdest things you will see out of Ad Land this week. 

Now, we all know it's the year of the horse, but this hasn't stopped the creative folk trying to make their mark with other 4-legged animals. Recently the social web has been a wash with goat remixes of the likes of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, I'm sure you've all seen one of these before. Well now, Mountain Dew has joined the party.

This new 30-second ad sees an oddly dressed animal order a Mountain Dew in a restaurant (as they do), only to have some sort of frantic argument with his overly nice barmaid. After a brief tussle, the goat then drinks the drink only to have some sort of trippy episode in doing so.

What follows is a short burst of hypnotic frames followed by the goat demanding more Mountain Drew and stampeding around the room. It's all very odd, but don't just take my word, watch for yourself below.  

It's worth noting that the ad is directed by US rapper Tyler The Creator. He also provides the odd voice for the manic beast. This one is certainly a weird one, but it doesn't stop there, there is more to come. 

For now, check it out below. 





Happy Birthday Twitter: Here's A Social Video To Celebrate #Twitter7


Today is Twitter’s 7th birthday! That's right, doesn't time fly. 7 years ago to this day, @jack tweeted the world's first ever tweet and since then, Twitter has exploded across the globe into one of the biggest social networks in the world. 

To celebrate its birthday, the micro-blogging sensation has released a social video showing its journey from that first tweet to a current day count of an astonishing 400 million tweets every single day. Its global audience and 200+ million users have helped propel that platform onto the world's radar. 

2013 has already been a big year for the social platform. Its launched its video app, Vine, announced plans for a music service and even finally patented its service. 

What's next, well I'm sure its got plenty of surprises under its wing. For now, we'll just have to watch this space. 

Can't get enough of Twitter? Why not check out Unruly's Guide To Brands on Twitter.



New Gassy Canadian PSA Aimed At Those In Denial


If you only fart with friends, you're not a farter. You're just a social farter and that makes it OK, according to this latest ad offering. That's right folks, you read correctly, this ad is about farters. 

Ontario Ministry of Health's "Quit the Denial" campaign from BBDO Toronto tells the tale of a group of 'social farters'. The funny spot in fact isn't mocking those who pass gas in public, but actually the ever popular 'social smoker'. We've all met them, those who claim only smoke when they drink alcohol and are out with their friends. 

The video has attracted some 5,000 shares from its 40,000 views. Not bad, but this ad may lack substance to make any waves on the Viral Video Chart just yet. 

Check the ad out below. There's also 'Social Nibbler' released alongside the 'Social Farter' for your enjoyment. 



VW Takes The Passat Out Of Men Who Throw Badly

Playing catch: It is one of those special moments in any father-son relationship. A moment of quiet man-to-man bonding in which the boy can learn so much from his old man.

It's a time for dads to pass on the wealth of their knowledge and experience to the fruit of their loins, a chance to teach the boy what he'll need to know when he becomes a man.

Apart from how to pitch a ball perhaps. This father-son moment would be heart-warming if only it wasn't for the fact that Dad can't throw. And we mean, really can't throw. It's actually rather embarrassing. 

Thankfully, it's only an ad for the Volkswagen Passat, created by Deutsch Inc.

Launched on January 3, the commercial had largely gone under the radar, only attracting a few thousand shares. However, since January 18, the ad has suddenly sparked into life, shooting up the chart like a perfectly pitched fastball.

Cleverly, it's not just poking fun at the athletically impaired, the ads suggests that the family motor is hardy enough to become a family heirloom. So at least the youngster can inherit something to be proud of from his father, even if it's picked up a few dents from errant baseballs


Slash, Betty White And A Pair Of Frogs Make Up The Cast List For Latest Ad

This combination of rock star, elderly woman and assorted scaly creatures makes an odd combo for an LA zoo ad, but we love it.

The premise of the Allen & Gerritsen campaign is simple: Guns 'N' Roses guitarist Slash and 90 year old TV comedienne Betty White have a day out together at the LA zoo. It's a slightly odd pairing but they really seem to have some chemistry and a shared love of the cold blooded inhabitants of LA zoo's latest attraction.

The campaign of 5 short ads sees Slash and Betty visiting snakes, lizards and frogs at LAIR (Living Amphibians, Invertebrates and Reptiles) and sharing a little known fact about the creatures they are admiring.  The animals then study the two stars and ask each other similar questions; they seem particularly curious about Slash's trademark top hat.

A plodding soundtrack and minimal dialogue help to show human and animal stars at their most engaging.  There is no attempt to make the zoo out to be an action-packed day out, but it does show the creatures to be well worth a curious glance.

The most popular of the ads features sonoran toads who can't quite figure out human genders.  This particular ad has gained nearly 52,000 views since it was put up on the 24th February.  Although the other ads are lagging behind we're sure they will take off too. 

The ad closes by claiming that the new LAIR attraction and LA were meant for each other.  We're surprised to find that Slash and Betty seem to be such a great pairing too.