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Megan Fox Can Talk To Dolphins, Thanks To The New Acer


It's not every day that a Hollywood sex symbol discovers ground-breaking new technology that allows humans to talk to dolphins. But with the help of the Acer Aspire S7, Intel and a little creative licence, Megan Fox has done just that.

Ditching underwear ads for a technology ad where she is a visionary scientist perhaps Megan, a new mother, is attempting to change her image.

The ad uncovers a secret passion of the 26-year-old actress, which is quite the paradox to her femme fatale reputation. Although, she does pull off a white lab coat quite well, it has to be said.

Acer has been known to do this kind of thing in the past. Earlier in the year, they launched an ad with 24's Kiefer Sutherland as a baker, playing on his tough-guy image to emphasise their slogan 'explore beyond limits'.

According to this tongue-in-cheek ad, Acer designed their new notebook for this exact reason - to enable Megan Fox to follow her dreams and talk to dolphins. This is one in a series of new product launches by the tech company over the next 3 years. 

Megan's beautiful story starts in a restaurant when the Transformers actress brushes off a film proposal (involving her in her underwear in space with a unicorn and zebra), to save some lobsters from their tank and return them safely to the ocean. 

The cinematic clip shows Megan working studiously with scientists to eventually crack the mystery of dolphin language. Just genius. Well done, Megan.

All I'm saying is, if Megan Fox can do this, then just think what Britney Spears or Paris Hilton could come up with.


Kiefer Sutherland Cooks Up A Storm In Laptop Ad

There are tough guys and there are the kinds of guys for whom life is a never-ending parade of life-or-death fights, car chases and explosions. This new ad follows one Hollywood hardman's battle with an unlikely foe.

Kiefer Sutherland is famous as TV show 24's growling secret agent Jack Bauer, who will go do anything to complete his missions and protect the free world. Now, with the help of a geeky sidekick and an Acer laptop, Sutherland is again saving the world from...bland cupcakes.

Sutherland is on Bauer-like form, skidding cars around L.A., mucking around with flame throwers and interrogating bakers, all to find the best ingredients for his new cupcake business. 

Just because Sutherland has swapped Counter Terrorist Unit (CTU) for the kitchen, don't assume he's any less of the tough guy. He glares down at the unsuspecting customers in the supermarket, interrogating them until they reveal the location of...the icing.

He hunts for a logo for his new business, obviously an exploding cupcake is the perfect branding. But rather than searching for a picture online, he blows up his own car. Sutherland wields electric whisks like they were uzis, causes explosions in his oven and races around the city in an armoured truck, delivering Dynamite Cupcakes to happy customers. 

The ad, by Mother London, promotes the Intel-powered Acer Aspire S5 Ultrabook. With 7,000 views in 3 days, the ad has caught the eye of Twitter and YouTube users, who seem to enjoy the explosive action and Sutherland's self-depreciating humour.

We're pretty sure that this ad will prove to be more popular that Sutherland's shrapnel-filled cupcakes.

Disclosure: Unruly is distributing this video on behalf of Acer. This post is not part of the commercial plan and is written by the editorial team at Unruly, whose opinions are- always independent, sometimes scurrilous, and never knowingly under-researched.