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Top 10 Most Shared Video Moments In Oscars History 

The Oscars are back this Sunday - but what is it that makes them so special? What is it about the Academy Awards that we love so much?

Is it the glamour? The movie stars? Bjork's stupid dresses? Or, like us, is it that moment when someone has to clap and pretend they are happy when they lose? Or, even better, that moment when someone makes a complete tit out of themselves? You know who you are.

Well, whatever your reasons for watching this Sunday's ceremony, you know you are in for a treat. The Academy Awards has been held consecutively since 1929, making it the world’s oldest ceremony in media.

Eighty-three years is a long time, and there have been many moments worth remembering. Moments filled with tears, others of joy, and, of course, moments of controversy. Throw in some A-list stars and a bit of Hollywood glamour and you can see what makes them so special.

But which Oscar moments are the most popular? Well, here at the Meme Machine we have compiled a list on the Viral Video Chart of the most shared moments in the history of the Academy Awards.  

The list features everything from celebrity shenanigans to incredible displays of gratitude. But is your favourite on there? To see the full top 20, click here.

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