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Giving Runners The Finger - Hospital Ad Spoofs Chariots Of Fire

It's that classic scene again. Bare feet splash through the surf, as white-clad men run in slow motion along a windswept beach. But as the iconic music kicks in, it's clear something is not quite right.

These men are far too old and out of shape to be athletes. This isn't Chariots Of Fire, it's a very good spoof of the classic film, and it's advertising the most unlikely of things.

The men huff and puff their way across the sand; they're not running for fun. They're running away from something scary. As the largest of the lads stops to catch his breath, we can see what he's running from.

Catching up with the gang is a giant finger in a doctor's coat. This scares the big lad enough to get him running again. The text explains why he's so scared of the giant digit, "if you're over 40, don't run away from the prostate exam".

Which is sensible advice, until you consider the eye-watering size of that finger. We doubt that the ad for A.C. Camargo cancer hospital will have men running to make appointments.

Produced by JWT USA, the ad is set to run in Brazil and Latin America. Launched yesterday, the ad has already attracted nearly 400 views and has been making appearances in articles and on blogs.

The ad is dispensing sound medical advice, but in a buttock-clenchingly scary way.