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Hovercat Ad A Hit For Viral Video Adoption

We all know that the internet loves cats. Whether they're sneezing, playing keyboards, asking for burgers or just generally being cute, we just cannot get of them. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) is no different, as their latest ad shows.

The commercial introduces 'Hovercat', a cute ginger kitty who, well, hovers, to music reminiscent of Dubstep Cat, along with the tagline, "millions of viral videos waiting to be adopted".

Made by ad agency Mekanism, in conjunction with ABC, the advert features ABC Nightline anchor Dan Harris, and his adopted cat George, who dances to dubstep when his owner goes out.

June is Adopt a Shelter Cat (or viral video star) Month due to the high volume of kittens handed to the shelter in the hotter months.

And this ad bring a refreshing change from the tear-jerking campaigns with sad-looking animals crying out for a loving new home.

Picking up on the internet's favourite meme is a sure key to success for 'viral video' adoption.

It's already had 11,633 shares since it was launched 5 days ago, hitting a chord with cat lovers everywhere.