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Volkswagen Sponsors Paul Weller's Abbey Road Gigs

British music legend Paul Weller is moving into (probably) the most famous address in music - and he's doing it with a little help from some (German) friends.

The mastermind behind The Jam and The Style Council has long been a powerhouse of British rock and punk. Now, 'The Modfather' is relocating for a series of a hotly-anticipated gigs which will see him jamming with the country's hottest new talent.

The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Oasis and Radiohead have all used the Mecca of Music to record iconic albums, and now Weller will be moving in for the next seven weeks for a series of shows which will be shown on Channel 4. However, this clip, featuring Weller talking about his career and love of music, also features another famous name.

You see, as Volkswagen is sponsoring Weller's Abbey Road series, the brand has used the promo videos to promote the new Beetle.  

As Weller strides across the famous zebra crossing, a Beetle is parked further up the street. Even his guitar and amp are seen in the vehicle, and the clip closes with 'the Bug' parked outside the studios.

With over 2,000 shares in the last 24 hours alone, the clip has earned over 243,000 views since it was launched a week ago. 

Famous names alone aren't usually a strong driver for sharing, but with Weller talking about his star-studded gigs, a life in music and the home of British music, this ad looks likely to Shout To The Top.