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Wallace And Gromit Star In Cracking Google Ad

They've been to the moon, foiled master criminals and battled with giant killer bunnies. Surely these much-loved claymation characters have earned themselves a quiet Christmas?

Family favourites Wallace and Gromit follow in the furry footsteps of The Muppets in this ad for Google Hangouts.

Kermit and Co. covered Queen's Under Pressure, each character singing along from a different location thanks to Google+ and it's web-conferencing tool Hangout.

Now the plasticine pals are catching up with friends for Christmas, attempting to organise a synchronised present unwrapping with other character from the Aardman stable. There are talking animals and stop-motion grins galore as the friends log in one by one.

Ginger the feathered star of Chicken Run is the first to appear, hotly followed by the precocious pets from Creature Comforts. Soon the screen is filled with sheep, poodles and humming robins in wooly hats.

The chaotic clip will surely remind many viewers of their homes this Christmas, packed with family, presents and no discernable sense of order. 

With over 172,000 views in just five days, the clip seems to be doing particularly well in the characters' native UK.

With a large dose of inoffensive humour, some comedic violence and a host of instantly recognisable characters, the clip is truly smashing.


Levi Roots Gets Animated About Reggae Reggae Sauce

Aardman Animations is famous for producing hit claymation films such as Chicken Run and the Wallace And Gromit series. Now they've turned their hands to singing sausages and dancing dalmations for the latest Reggae Reggae Sauce ad.

The ad features Levi Roots, the musician-turned-entrepreneur who launched the sauce after winning funding on TV show Dragon's Den.

Roots, in clay form, appears in a back garden in Brixton. With a dollop of Reggae Reggae and his trademark song It's So Nice, I Had To Name It Twice, he brings the party to life. The food jumps up and sings along, the neighbour's dog starts dancing and the garden sprouts palm trees.

Roots' larger-than-life personality comes across in the ad and his passion for the sauce is contagious. Aardman's distinctive animation style allows the ad to bring the barbecueing food to life to match the tagline, 'Put some music in your food'

Launched yesterday by JWT London, the ad has already attracted over 3,000 views. The collaboration of Aardman and Levi Roots has earned attention from newspapers and websites, which will fuel interest in the ad. Destined to run on TV and in cinemas, the claymation imagery will also be used in supermarkets and online.

It's impossible to watch this ad without singing along. So spice up your day, and give this a watch.