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Child Explains How Robots Run Mobile Phones In Sony Ad

Jake Ryan is 8 years old. He's got no training in electronic engineering, but that's not stopped him explaining what makes smartphones work. It's robots, apparently.

Jake's theory is that the latest Sony Xperia smartphone is run by tiny robots, and just to show you what he means there is even a 60-second stop-motion animation. 

Directed by The Royal Tenenbaums director Wes Anderson, the ad shows an army of miniscule automatons bustling around whilst Jake explains what they're up to.

His enthusiasm is infectious, as Jake tells us about "tiny robot vehicles" and how, with the aid of jet packs and some "dananana" noises, the Xperia can play movies and songs. The ad closes on a magnificently sweet note when Jake assures us that the little robots enjoy their work.

The clip's fun innocence overrides the focus on technology that is usually the focus of smartphone adverts. Instead of just listing new features, the Xperia is presented as an inspiring device that really is "made of imagination".

Given the endearing nature of the ad, by McCann Worldgroup, it's not difficult to see why it has had spectacular start. Gathering over 82,000 views in its first 2 days alone, the ad has been popular on the blogosphere and among Facebook andf Twitter users alike.