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Save The World With Old Spice

The Mayans predicted the planet's destruction this year, but they didn't count on one man, his talking bear and his trusty deodorant. You might never have heard of him, but Dikembe Mutombo is about to become the world's most celebrated hero.

The latest Old Spice ad to hit the web is probably their oddest yet. Forget Terry Crews' bicep growing its own bicep, or Isaiah Mustafa magically appearing on a horse, former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo appears in a video game that is truly bizarre. 

With the supposed end of the world rapidly approaching it seems the only hope for mankind is the 7ft 2in basketball player and your button-bashing video game skills. Mutombo appears in the pixelated, retro-style game with his hyper-intelligent and ultra-fashionable bear friend, Science.

Science explains to Mutombo, and the gamer, that the earth is doomed unless certain tasks can be completed. There's no lack of product placement as Mutombo takes to the skies in a modified Old Spice product, "a superior deodorant product that's also a jet pack", to release Americans from the oppressive influence of Gangnam Style.

Put together by Wieden + Kennedy, the video introducing the clip has earned nearly 51,000 views. Using Old Spice's now trademark surreal humour, the game feels just like one of the brand's memorable ads while also being frustratingly difficult. It's funny and addictive.

Despite that, we really hope that the world isn't going to end in the next few weeks as we could waste all the time we have left playing this game.