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Happy Birthday YouTube! Top 7 YouTube Videos Today

Seven years ago today YouTube first allowed users to post their own content. Now 72 hours of video are uploaded every minute to the video charing site.

So to celebrate YouTube's seventh birthday, we have compiled today's most popular videos. Yep, we've had a dig through the trillions of hours of videos on YouTube to find the seven most shared clips of the last 24 hours

The results illustrate one of the reasons why YouTube is so popular: it has a incredible variety of content, from funny videos to ads.

It's a real mix of content, reflecting the subjects that are on user's minds currently. The Bee Gees video celebrates the life of singer Robin Gibb, who died yesterday. The US elections are drawing ever closer, making campaign ads all the more popular. While in Europe, football fans are gearing up for Euro 2012.

Whatever the reason behind their popularity, let's celebrate YouTube's 7th birthday with the Top 7 YouTube Videos Today.


7. Niki Minaj - Right By My Side (explicit) ft. Chris Brown


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Happy Birthday YouTube! 7 Years In Stats And Vids

YouTube turns seven today. So to celebrate, the video sharing giant has released a clip charting their rise to power.

The clip is a timeline that couples statistics about YouTube's growth with well-known videos that were uploaded around that time.

From two guys in a garage to internet powerhouse, the site has grown to become one of the most popular sites online. This rise to power has been accompanied with some instantly recognisable content.

We've matched the stats with the videos to create the timeline of YouTube's development with 7 Years in Stats And Vids.


Me At The Zoo - April 2005

First uploaded video


Pajamas And Nick Drake - May 2005

First user-uploaded video, start of internet's cat video obsession


Dramatic Chimpunk (Original) -  December 2005

YouTube reaches 8 million videos watched a day. Now, 4 billion a day


Where The Hell Is Matt? - July 2006

YouTube reaches 100 million views. Now, 1 Trillion

A Message From Chad And Steve - October 2006

YouTube is acquired by Google 


Keyboard Cat - May 2009

20 hours of video uploaded every minute. Now, 72 hours every minute


Kony 2012 - March 2012

Kony earns 30 million views in a day, it's just one of the 4 billion videos viewed everyday on YouTube



Happy Birthday YouTube!

Can you believe YouTube is only seven years old? Yep, today marks seven years since the site first allowed users to upload videos. Since then, the world has been sharing its highs and lows, the hilarious and the heartbreaking, on its favourite video site. 

Appropriately for the king of online video, YouTube, like the Queen, seems to have many birthdays, one of which we covered here. There's the days set aside to mark the day the company was founded, there's the day the first video was posted and there's today.

Today is celebrated as the day YouTube really became the YouTube the world loves. Seven years ago today the first user uploaded a video to the site. 

To celebrate this anniversary, YouTube has released a clip that charts its progress from garage project to global platform, including some incredible videos and the milestones they represent. 

Since the first video, Me At The Zoo, was posted by co-founder Jawed Karim, YouTube has been acquired by Google, hosted presidential debates and become one of the most popular sites on the web. 

With over 4 billion videos viewed everyday, YouTubers upload 72 hours of video every minute. Some of these videos have gone on to become online phenomenons in their own right, with Kony 2012 generating 30 million views in just 24 hours.

Along with several other videos Kony 2012 forms milestones in the birthday video, helping to chart the rise of YouTube and its content.  

The video, launched this morning, has already been shared over 400 times and appeared in blog posts online. We're sure the video of YouTube's spectacular rise to dominance will become an online hit itself.

So cut yourself a slice of cake and sit back to watch the incredible story of YouTube.