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Great Samsung Tech Helps Build Not-So-Great Game

You're an ambitious young designer and you've landed a job building the coolest new mobile games for a hip start-up. It all sounds great, apart from working for months on end without sleep and having to cope with the tribal factions of mobile users in the office.

Samsung's latest ad is set in the ultra-cool world of mobile game development. There are skinny jeans and thick-framed glasses galore, but there is also a fierce rivalry between the users of different smartphones. Can they reconcile their differences and deliver Unicorn Apocalypse to the market?

The warring clans quickly divide, the 'business phone' users against users of the Galaxy Note II. The business guys juggle multiple phones, worry about security and miss out on fun features. Meanwhile, the Galaxy users are busy creating presentations, watching TV while emailing clients and arguing about what colour unicorn blood is in real life.

With these features, and a large amount of "Swedish energy drink", the Galaxy users look set to meet the seemingly impossible four-week deadline.

Produced by 72andSunny, the ad aims to promote both the business and fun features of the Galaxy series by demonstrating the device's easy operation with a touch of humour. Just as The Next Big Thing Is Already Here had Apple fans in its sights, Unicorn Apocalypse seems to be firing a shot at BlackBerry users. 

This has caused a bit of a stir, with phone fans rushing to defend their chosen devices. The controversy is helping to drive the ad's popularity, earning it over 275,000 views and 5,000 shares in just two days.