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Martin Scorsese Gets A Helping Hand From Siri In Latest iPhone Ad

Siri's been busy making some famous friends. She's cooked with Samuel L. Jackson, rocked out with Zooey Deschanel and swapped jokes with John Malkovich. In her latest appearance, she shares a cab with one of the world's most famous directors.

Martin Scorsese is riding through his native New York in the back of a yellow taxi. He's got a busy day and is trying to make sense of his packed schedule.

Scorsese can't quite believe how in-demand he his, "are you serious?" he asks Siri. Of course she is, "I'm not allowed to be frivolous". 

The pair shuffle appointments around and even figure out if the director has spotted one of his friends on the street before Siri delivers the bad news about a traffic jam up ahead.

Put together by TBWA/Media Arts Labs, the ad isn't as funny as Siri's previous celebrity encounters, but had still managed to pull in a massive 190,000 views in just two days. With over 4,600 shares, the clip has won fans around the world and had been shared widely over Twitter.

No doubt the combination of iPhones and celebrities will continue to deliver some big results for Apple.