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Cage Does Cage Surprisingly Well

Nicolas Cage has put in some famous performances over the years. Now, some of the Oscar-winning actor's best known roles have been re-cut into an entirely new performance. And it will leave you speechless.

In arguably his best performance to date, Nicolas Cage has unwittingly staged John Cage's 4'33. The musical piece which consists entirely of silence.

Put together by YouTube user Adam Lucas, the mega-mix consists of Nicolas Cage not saying anything. Lucas is a blogger and artist who has used clips from the star's hits to create 4 minutes, 33 seconds of hypnotic silence.

The piece includes scenes from the The Rock, Leaving Las Vegas, Raising Arizona and pretty much any other film in which Cage has a quiet moment. 

While the video may not sound like the most exciting thing to watch, it has been winning fans online, in two weeks it has managed been seen over 116,000 times. The clip has been particularly popular on Twitter, helping it win over 14,000 shares.

For a silent video, it's makign a big noise online.