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Duke Nukem Ad Takes A Trip To The Morgue

Numerous bullet entry wounds, spine shattered and a foreign object embedded in the throat. No, this is not CSI, this is Duke Nukem.

For those of you who are old enough to remember when Duke Nukem was first released in 1991, chances are that you found it to be one kickass game.

But the Duke Nukem saga has become a sad one, filled with disappointments and broken promises over the long-awaited release of Duke Nukem Forever - the sequel to 1996 game, Duke Nukem 3D.

But some games deserve to get a second chance (or in Duke Nukem’s case, a 13th  chance).

Duke Nukem Forever, scheduled to be released on June 14 and been in development since 1997, is supposed to be something special. And 3D Realms have been putting some extra effort into building some buzz.

This ad, featuring an autopsy of one of Duke’s victims, hit YouTube on May 18 and has already racked up 115,000 views.

Let's just hope the Duke will not let us down again