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Hottest Virals Of The Week: 3D No Glasses Gadget A Real Eye-Opener, And Closer

It is either the stupidest invention ever or the latest in a long line of dumb fakes - take your pick! 

But whatever it is, 3D No Glasses by Jonathan Post (below) has dominated the Viral Video Chart this week, racking up almost 32,000 shares on Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere.

Why? Well, that is a good question. We are guessing none of you are crouching on your seats shouting 'eureka' at Jonathan's incredible solution to the burden of wearing clunky 3D glasses.

What is more likely is you are squinting at the screen with an incredulous look on your face, head tilted sideways, and wondering when the men with the white coats will come into shot.

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