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Serena Willams And Rileah Vanderbilt Are Too Sexy For Tennis

Serena Williams is one of the best tennis players there is - now she is one of the hottest video game endorsers too.  

The American sports star has teamed up with Rileah Vanderbilt to make an ad for Top Spin 4, a tennis video game. So far so innocent.

However, there is a twist to it Because instead of playing tennis the normal way, Serena and Rileah are decked out in leather, fishnets, thongs, oh, and there is plenty of moaning.

The ad was deemed too hot for TV, and the video game producers, 2K Sports, decided to pull the ad before any major damage could be done.

The buzz around the ad has been huge though, especially after Vanderbilt posted the video on her Twitter profile.

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