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Watch Chelsea FC Play The World's Biggest Space Invaders Game Ever

Premier League stars have all the luck. If they are not being paid millions for playing a sport they love, they are having a go at the biggest game of Space Invaders ever. Lucky gits!

But this is no extravagant accessory some bored footballer with more money than sense has stashed away in his mock Tudor mansion.

No, it is actually a cool new ad for bookies 188Bet. Featuring a quartet of Chelsea players, some super high-tech 3D projection mapping equipment, a few ultrasonic motion sensors and a lot of balls, they were able to create most men's idea of the perfect gaming experience. 

Certainly, the Chelsea first team players couldn't wait to get started. And who could blame them? 

You can even watch some rugby guys have a go. Here are some Wasps players in action. 

This is similar to something Nike did a few years ago, but this is a much more impressive version.

Check out the uber tech gaming experience in action below.