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New iPhone Waterproofer Video Is Pure Witchcraft 

Ever got your phone wet? It's terrible, isn't it? All those hours spent drying it out and praying it will work again.

Well, thanks to a new product which supposedly has just been unleashed on the US market, you may never have to worry about it ever again.

Called Never Wet and created by Rust-Oleum, the silicon-based spray can be used on almost any surface and dries clear.

Once applied, it claims it can make any product waterproof, including smartphones, which means no more anxious hours spent trying to dry out your phone. 

Don't believe me? Well, then check out this new product demo video, which is currently racing its way up the Unruly Viral Video Chart.

The five-minute clip shows how Never Wet not only makes your tech devices waterproof, it can also make clothes stain-proof. Red wine and tomato ketchup just glides off clothes coated in the solution.

What's it made of? Witchcraft presumably.


Nokia Swings For The Head With iPhone-Baiting Zombie Ad

If you thought that the 'My Screen Is Bigger Than Your Screen' technology wars had ended with this unbelievably meta ad, then think again. Nokia are back and this time they want brains. 

Supporting their Lumia smartphone, 'Don't Flash. Amaze' takes a George Romero approach to corporate rivalry. Accompanied by a Hans Zimmer-esque score, our hero is suddenly overcome by, you guessed it, mindless zombies.

But these are not your run-of-the-mill zombies. They've got chalk-white skin, bright-red eyes and 'deer in the headlights' expressions. Yep, these poor souls are the victims of bad flash photography. 

It's already a bold claim to turn the annoyance of poor lighting into a full-blown zombie epidemic. But Nokia takes it a step further by putting what is unmistakably an iPhone in the chief zombie's hand. 

Agency Wunderman have produced a stylish and funny spot, making particularly clever use of strobes to mimic the offending flash. 

With 18,000 shares since last Friday, Nokia are likely hoping to piggyback on zombie properties like 'World War Z' and 'The Last Of Us'. We'll have to wait and see how Apple responds.

We're hoping for a rap battle


Do You Know A Canadian? Then Molson Canadian Wants To Give You Free Beer

Without a World Cup or Olympics to rally around, 2013 has been sorely lacking in patriotic outlets. Thankfully, Molson Canadian shows up to inspire us with a truly universal ideal: the pursuit of free beer.

Planting their Maple Leaf-emblazoned fridges in spots all over Europe, we see passers by all have a shot at opening them. But, like the Excalibur of chilled beverages, the door will not budge without its one true inheritor.

The chirpy sign sets out the rules of the game: "Canadians, scan your passport to open fridge". And so begins a frantic search to find a willing Canuck, who can wield their all-powerful passport and free the British people from the tyranny of thirst. It's all pretty magical, really.

Molson Canadian are clearly pushing to make a name for themselves with a playful stunt like The Beer Fridge. While it's a cute idea, it's not an industry first; ads based around 'mystery refrigerators' have somehow become their own sub-genre recently.

Coca-Cola brought Indians and Pakistanis together with their Small-World Machines. Coke Zero Unlocked The 007 In You in a crowded train station. Even rival beer brand Sol got bankers to trade their ties for a nice cold one in this cheeky spot.

While we'll have to wait to see if Molson can equal that success (Coke Zero's spot was shared nearly a million times), The Beer Fridge's 20,000 shares since last week is not a bad start.

Cheers, eh?


Not Safe For Seals: Discovery Channel Gets Dark For 'Shark Week'

Shark Week is Discovery Channel's yearly celebration of all things, well, shark-y. So it's only right that they kick off seven days of awesome predators with a sickly funny new ad.

'Snuffy The Seal' begins like a typical news channel fluff piece, with the eponymous mammal winning over American hearts. The chirpy newsreader heralds Snuffy's "triumphant return to the sea", while smiling kids wave banners at the pier. 

But then, disaster strikes. Or rather, Shark Week strikes. We'll leave the joke of the piece unspoilt because 'Snuffy The Seal' is really worth a watch. Not only is it one of the funniest short ads we've seen in a while, it also does a pretty spot-on parody of news broadcasts.

The video has been shared 2,000 times since its release on Monday, and is currently trending on Unruly's Viral Video Chart. With a cracking punchline and a whiff of controversy, we think 'Snuffy The Seal' has great viral potential.

Speaking of controversy, YouTubers have already begun battling in the comments over animal rights in the video. As one user puts it:

"Seals are eaten every day in the wild. If Peta (sic) have a problem with a shark eating a seal they´╗┐ should just leave Earth."

Well said. 


Pepsi Max Wows Londoners With Bus Levitation Stunt

Eye-catching illusions have a way of bringing people together. Just ask the bewildered Londoners who caught a glimpse of magician Dynamo levitating next to the 543 bus on Sunday.

Working with Pepsi Max, Dynamo asks us to "Take a moment, and look at things with a different perspective". He promptly takes his own advice and proceeds to float alongside an iconic double-decker.

The effect is pretty startling, as the bus parades the dangling illusionist through the city. Reactions from pedestrians include amusement, disbelief and total shock. Also, everyone and their mum snaps a picture. Seems like attaching the tag #LiveForNow was a smart move.

Best of all, Dynamo takes his own smartphone along for the journey and his shots yield some hilarious footage. In particular, keep an eye out for the utterly shocked pair of Japanese tourists.

While it's unclear what Dynamo will attempt for his next stunt, 'Bus Levitation' is a fun watch and currently trending on the Viral Video Chart.

If you're anything like us, you'll be obsessively rewatching to try and crack the secret. No luck so far

Disclosure: Unruly is distributing this video on behalf of Pepsi Max. This post is not part of the commercial plan and is written by the editorial team at Unruly, whose opinions are always independent, sometimes scurrilous, and never knowingly under-researched.


Stride Gum Puts The Future In Your Mouth With 'Chewable' App

Who uses joysticks to play games anymore? They look silly, squeak incessantly and get jammed just when you're about to beat the boss level.

Apparently Stride Gum agrees, so they've taken the only logical step: producing an iOS game controlled entirely by chewing

'Gumulon' uses your handheld device's front-facing camera to track your facial movements. Thus when you masticate, adorable sprite Ace jumps. As game mechanics go, it's not exactly 'The Last of Us' but kudos to Stride for trying something new (and releasing it as a free app).

We haven't had a chance to sink our teeth into 'Gumulon' yet, but this campaign from Weiden + Kennedy and Johnny Two Shoes makes it look like a lip-smacking good time. 

Unfortunately, this hasn't quite transferred to viral popularity with only 220 shares since it's release on the 20th of June. 

Check out the spot, download the app and see for yourself. Just be careful what you eat: you don't want to walk poor Ace off a cliff or something.