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Honda Gets Hands-On With Their History In Compelling New Spot

What's the greatest thing you've ever made with your hands? If you're like us, it was probably a LEGO house, made with mis-matched bricks and a complete disregard for proper living standards.

However, the engineering boffins at Honda appreciate good handiwork, as their new collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy makes very clear. 

'Hands' takes the viewer through a very tactile history of the motor company's achievements, shown through the creations of an unseen engineer. As he flicks and twists a single cog, it transforms seamlessly into planes, automobiles and even a robot.

Despite its simple concept and even simpler white background, there's something quite arresting about 'Hands'. The ad mostly foregoes dialogue and music to focus on the dinky models and charming mechanic at its centre.

Stop-motion film has had its own mini renaissance with the popularity of Vine, and Honda's spot taps into the simple joy of that format. With 1,600 shares since yesterday, 'Hands' is currently trending on Unruly's Viral Video Chart

Setting out to "see what curiosity can do", Honda have produced an ad that effortlessly expresses that idea. 


Beneful Creates 'Dog Goldberg Machine', Sucks The Internet Into Black Hole Of Cuteness

By now, denizens of the internet are more than familiar with the wonder of Rube Goldberg machines. Honda started the trend. OK Go had a stab. In typical fashion, Red Bull came along and broke the curve with their own insane offering

But Beneful's new spot looks to raise the convoluted stakes by adding a rogue element: adorable, adorable dogs

How agency DeepFocus pulled off this feat of patience, precision and timing is anyone's guess. Any dog I've ever had would barely fetch a stick, let alone knock over some carefully-arranged dominoes at the right time. Is that too much to ask from my pets? 

Anyway, the resulting ad is a really fun watch, painted in bright primary colours and backed by a score that recalls Pixar. The best part is that the machine functions on all sorts of doggie activities: catching Frisbees, chasing tennis balls, even going nuts when the doorbell rings. 

'Dog Goldberg Machine' is currently trending on Unruly's Viral Video Chart, with 4500 shares since its release on Tuesday.

What else can we say? Good boy, Beneful, good boy


Epic Meal Time Joins The Big Leagues With Bacon-Fuelled Carl's Jr. Ad

They've pushed the boundaries of taste on YouTube with their creations like the 50-pound grilled cheese sandwich or the fast food lasagna.

Now the mad geniuses behind Epic Meal Time have teamed up with burger chain Carl's Jr. for a strangely-hypnotic ode to bacon.

Wearing mirrored glasses and determined looks, professional gluttons Harley Morestein and Alex Perault set to work demolishing the chain's new Super Bacon Cheeseburger. If you enjoy queasy sound effects and extreme close-ups of glistening pork fat, then this ad is for you.

Carl's Jr. is no stranger to a little food porn, but their stars don't usually look quite like Harley and Alex. Rather the company is clearly looking to piggy-back on Epic Meal Time's immense internet popularity.

It's a win-win situation, and this pair are clearly the Michael Jordan to Carl's Jr's Nike. But we hope to see a little more from their collaboration.

If Epic Meal Time could incorporate this partnership into one of their own insane, stupidly amusing videos, we'd predict a lot more viral success.

What culinary monstrosities can the team dream up now they have corporate backing? God only knows.

Via AdWeek.


New Award-Winning Campaign From Dove Asks Why Women Have Become Camera-Shy

Dove has released a follow-up to viral sensation Real Beauty Sketches which once again tackles women's self-esteem issues.

Created by Ogilvy & Mather London, Camera Shy shows footage of women doing everything in their power to avoid being filmed. This includes surprised ladies burying their heads in their hands, hiding under duvets or simply running away.

The one-minute ad then asks, "when did you stop thinking you're beautiful?", before showing a montage of little girls posing for the camera.

It's a simple but effective message which has already won the commercial a Cannes Gold Lion. However, although it's early days, the ad has yet to achieve anywhere near the viral success of its predecessor, which is the third most shared ad of all time.

Since it was uploaded a week ago, Camera Shy has so far attracted less than 10,000 shares. 

Via Business Insider.


New Hair-Raising Mercedes Campaign Hopes To Keep Your Eyes On The Road

It's easy to let your mind wander while driving. After all, we are only human and focussing on the road for hours on end can be tough.

We've all done it. Rather than concentrating on the traffic, you start to think about what you are going to have for dinner, what you fancy doing later that evening...even the music that's on the radio. Some even start to admire themselves in the mirror (not me, honest!).

It's only natural. Maybe you've just had your best haircut in years and you simply can't resist another glimpse of your perfectly-coiffeured new locks.

Only problem is, you are hurtling down a busy road at over 70mph and one slip in concentration could spell disaster for you and other road users.

Thankfully, Mercedes has come up with a product that will alert you when your mind is not on the job. Attention Assist beeps when you start to drive erratically, bringing you gently out of your all-consuming love affair with the mirror.

In its latest ad, however, it's a little bit more hair-raising for the daydreaming driver involved. Directed by Egg Films' Bruno Bossi, it features one driver who simply can't resist casting admiring glances at himself in the mirror. However, he is soon brought back to Earth with a thump when he tries to run his hair through his thick hair, only to suddenly remember he is bald.

Daydream over, the Attention Assist kicks in and the driver's focus is back on the road.

The TV ad, a follow-up to BBDO's award-winning radio campaign, is well worth a watch.


New Vibrating Tech Puts Ads Directly Into Your Head

It used to be that if you started hearing voices on the way to work, it was a sign that you were either working too hard, probably just going a bit mad or both. Now you might just be the target of a bizarre new advertising method.

With the help of BBDO Dusseldorf, Sky tested out their kit on some unsuspecting commuters. It works like this: when the customers doze against the window, a small device transmits sound waves through the glass. The result? An advert only they can hear

Using terrifying-sounding 'bone conduction' technology, 'The Talking Window' brings the world of sci-fi into advertising. The results have to be seen to be believed, with Sky's invisible salesman asking passengers: "Are you bored?".

Do the participants look like they've woken up in a Twilight Zone episode? Sort of. Nonetheless, we're counting on a lot of heated discussion around this technology. The first question: do I need to bring a pillow to stop the window from talking to me?

More than that, we just want to see what amazing advances come next. I mean, how about some time travel advertising?

We're not quite sure what that could mean but, boy, are we excited.